Health Spa Hotels at the Dead Sea

Health Spa Hotels at the Dead Sea

Wellness and Climatotherapy in Israel and Jordan

Luxurious Dead Sea Spa Hotels

Do you want to experience the healing powers of the Dead Sea? Very good choice! When you are looking for a relaxing, unforgettable holiday or a climate therapy on the Dead Sea, there is nothing better than a health spa hotel with high quality service. We invite you to read on and find your perfect hotel.

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If you already know you want to book a spa resort at the Dead Sea, please use this search bar to get all available offers and filter them to your personal preferences. This way, you can easily find and book the best health spa hotel for your needs.

Your Holiday in a Health Spa Hotel at the Dead Sea

All of our health spa hotels are located just a short walk away from the beach on the Dead Sea coast. The coastal air and the sea are known for their numerous healing properties, making it the perfect location for these hotels. Many health spas in Israel or Jordan offer holidays that focus on healing, relaxation and wellness, as well as climatotherapy supervised by health specialists.

In Israel, one of the most popular health spa towns ins Ein Bokek. Here, all the spa hotels are partnered with the DMZ Health Centre (a medical centre that is known worldwide), where you can enjoy first-class health and medical therapies. Another pleasant town, formerly a kibbutz, with a smaller spa centre, is Ein Gedi. All spa hotels can be reached from the Tel Aviv airport, either by group or private transfer.

In Jordan, we partner with two hotels in Sweimeh, both of which have a medical centre right in the hotel. The spa hotels at the Dead Sea in Jordan can be reached from Amman Airport by taxi transfer.

Most travellers book a health spa hotel at the Dead Sea in Israel or Jordan to enjoy all the positive effects that the unique microclimate has on the health and experience extraordinary natural landscapes and warm weather. With the help of medical specialists, you can heal and relieve a wide range of health issues such as: psoriasis, vitiligo, neurodermatitis, rheumatism, asthma and more.

To find out more about the wide range of climatotherapies (healing with the help of a local natural resource or unique climate), and to decide which health spa programme is right for you, consult our dedicated page: Climatotherapy.


Young man bathing in the Dead Sea
Enjoy a Dead Sea Mud Treatment
Dead Sea Health Spa Hotels
Beautiful Salt Formations

Key Topics for the Dead Sea Region

Reasons for Booking a Health Holiday at the Dead Sea

  • The Dead Sea's unique natural enviromnent and landscape is a must-see at least once in your life-time! The otherworldly landscape combining the marsian-like orange desert hills, the clear pale blue from the dead sea together with the stunnung salt formations along the coast is unlike anything you will see elsewhere.

  • The experience of floating in the extremely salty and therefore almost "oily" water is an unforgettable experience.

  • The Dead Sea is one of the best places in the world for improving skin health and healing skin issues with natural ingredients.

  • Its unique micro-climate and sunny weather mean you will return home feeling rejuvenated and well-rested.

Tips for Booking Your Dead Sea Spa Holiday


Optimal Periods for the Dead Sea Health Treatments

Best Durations:

  • If you want to book a Wellness holiday in a health spa hotel on the Dead Sea, we recommend staying for one week to enjoy the variety of benefits of the therapeutic microclimate and to relax completely.
  • If you want to book Climatotherapy in a spa hotel on the Dead Sea, whether in Israel or Jordan, the minimum travel length is 14 nights of stay and a daily therapy programme, according to the recommendations of specialised doctors. Special rates are available for treatments longer than 5 weeks.

Climate, Seasons and Sunbathing:

  • When planning a stay at the Dead Sea, the climate is a very important factor to consider. The Dead Sea is a region surrounded by deserts, which makes the air extremely dry and ensures sunshine all year-round. In summer, the temperature rises easily to more than 35°C in the shade. Therefore, most European tourists prefer book their trip in the spring or autumn. As a result, summer prices are sometimes cheaper, but before you book, make sure you can handle the very high temperatures.
  • Since the specialists know that sunbathing is an important part of climate treatments, the doctors will give you a strict schedule for the use of solarium in the health spa hotel on the Dead Sea.

How to Handle and Save Some Money:

  • When you arrive in Israel, we recommend exchanging a small amount of money into shekel. The service is not included in the bill, tips of about 10% are expected and it is better to give it in shekel. In Jordan, it will be in dinar. Avoid large banknotes, in some places it can be difficult to exchange it, but visa cards are usually accepted.
  • Special offers and discounts: By booking in advance you can get up to a 20% discount on your stay for certain offers and from 14 nights the prices get generally cheaper. Special offers are available for a certain periods.

Getting a Quote:

To get a full package offer for a holiday in a health spa hotel on the dead sea please choose the hotel you like and then contact our travel experts either per email, request via the hotel booking form or on the phone. They will then send you an offer including the following elements:

  • Accomodation in a Health Spa Hotel on the Dead Sea
  • Transfers from nearest airports (Airport - Hotel - Airport)
  • Desired programme (wellness or medical programme)
  • Desired board type (depending on the available options at the hotel)

We look forward to helping you!


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Landscape at the Dead Sea
Woman Swimming the Dead Sea Salt Water
Enjoy floating in the salty Dead Sea water


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