Health Spa Hotels in Hungary

Health Spa Hotels in Hungary

Curative Thermal Holidays & Wellness Breaks in Historical Spas

Have you yet considered booking a health holiday to Hungary? With more than 1,300 thermal springs, health spa hotels in Hungary are very popular amongst our customers. Be amazed by a mesmerising medley of culture, nature and history while enjoying the blessing of thermal waters in our carefully selected spa resorts in Hungary.

Our Most Popular Health Spa Hotel Programmes in Hungary

Complex Healing Offers

If you’re suffering from arthritis, locomotor disorders or rheumatic issues, thermal waters in Hungary will support your healing process. In our health spa hotels in Hungary you can make use of different therapeutic thermal baths and fully focus on your recovery process. Staff of professionals will welcome you warmly and care for your every need along the way.

Curative Mud Holidays Deals

Especially in the area around the medicinal lake Lake Héviz, health spa hotels in Hungary offer curative mud programmes. Mud from the lake is used for treating muscle and arthritic pain, and stimulating the circulation.

Beauty & Relax Holidays Offers

Are you looking for a holiday to simply be pampered and relax your soul? Then, our beauty and relax programmes might be for you. Discover our wide offer on massages, facial treatments and many other spa programmes and get lost in the beautiful stream of pure relaxation.

Thermal Wellness Holidays Deals

Imagine yourself sliding into a warm and soothing thermal pool after exploring the surroundings of your health spa hotel in Hungary. Many of our hotels provide excellent thermal spa areas with saunas, massage offers and many other wellness treatments. These programmes are for you if you are looking for a relaxing break without a focus on medical thermal treatments.

Our Best Booked Health Spa Hotels in Hungary

If you already know you want to book a spa resort in Hungary, please use this search bar to get all available offers and filter them to your personal preferences. This way, you can easily find and book the best health spa hotel in Hungary for your needs.

History of Spa Resorts in Hungary


Health Spa Hotels in Hungary
Lake Balaton
Thermal Bath in Budapest Health Spa Hotel Hungary
Thermal Bath in Budapest
Margaret Island Health Spa Hotels Hungary
Margaret Island, Budapest

Already the Romans knew to use the power of thermal springs for curative reasons. Thanks to many natural thermal baths in Hungary, the country is one of Europe's most renowned destinations for spa and health trips. The bathing culture of the Hungarians is very health conscious and lively which is why you can find young and old all enjoying the warm thermal pools in the many health resorts.

The surroundings of our health spa hotels in Hungary are characterised by bubbling springs, picturesque, mainly flat landscapes, glistening lakes and the river Danube flowing gentling through the country, almost dividing it in half. Some of our health spa hotels in Hungary are closely located to Lake Balaton, with 78 km the largest lake of this diverse country.

Thermal Tradition in Budapest: Budapest thermal baths have a century long history and tradition. Over 2,000 years ago, the first thermal springs were discovered under the city close to the Danube river, Buda Hills and Gellert Hill. Due to the highest density of thermal springs (more than 125) compared to any other capital city in the world, Budapest owns many health spa hotels around these areas.

When visiting our health spa hotels, you will be able to overlook the glistening Danube river. Built in the years 1873 and 1918, both health spa hotels have traditional architecture. Feel the history of thermal springs on your skin when smoothly sinking into the warm therapeutic pools and enjoy the exceptional service by the professional staff.

The layout of the health spa hotels is mostly very similar: they offer multiple indoor thermal pools with varying temperatures from warm to hot, (infrared) saunas, ice-cold plunge pools, salt caves and massage rooms.

If you are visiting one of our health spa hotels for wellness purposes, you might find some time to enjoy a stroll through the culturally rich city of Budapest.

Margaret Island: Focusing on thermal and relaxing spa holidays, two of our best health spa hotels in Hungary are located on the versatile and calm Margaret Island. The Margaret bridge connects the small island to the two cities Buda and Pest across the Danube river. Our spa resorts offer elegant and traditional wellness centres, thermal pools as well as teams of experts, providing perfect conditions for a regenerating holiday for you. Surrounded by green parks, a romantic Japanese garden, an open-air theatre and historical sights, the unique location of the hotels offer you different activities next to your treatments.

Bad Hévíz – The Heart of the Thermal Spring Region: We invite you to visit Hungary’s most important bath town. Its traditional baths will remind you of the wonders of the past. The town of Bad Hévíz, which literally translates to “hot water”, holds approximately 1,000 thermal springs. Using the natural healing power for the thermal water, programmes are focused on curative treatments or relaxing wellness purposes.

All of our health spa hotels in this region are centrally located to the second largest thermal lake in the world, Lake Héviz. This medicinal lake is known for its curative mud and its magnesium and calcium rich water. Thanks to these valuable healing properties, the lake offers benefits especially for guests with joint diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis, skin issues, metabolism complaints and post-injury treatment.

Our health spa hotels here are very well equipped and the staff makes sure that your every wish is heard. Exquisite saunas, thermal bathing facilities, own therapy centres, and an overall relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere will stimulate your recovery process and let you sink into pure relaxation.

If you are looking for an extra special experience, why not slide into the warm thermal lake of Bad Héviz during the cold winter days. Because of its constant temperature of 30°C (86°F), curative treatments and relaxing swims can be enjoyed all year round.

Medicinal Grotto in Tapolca: Famous for its caves and streams and natural mineral springs, Tapolca health spa hotels lay in the western part of the Balaton Lake highlands. The special feature of the hotel is its location. Situated directly above a Medicinal grotto system, our four-star health spa holds its own mineral-rich thermal spring. The cave’s special microclimate, constant warm temperature and high humidity, support the recovery from respiratory diseases. It is therefore a great option if you are looking for a medically focused health holiday in Hungary. Or, are you interested in enjoying a simply relaxing wellness holiday? The hotel offers different excellent sport facilities, an own beauty salon, cosy saunas and breathing treatments in the grotto. We invite you to take a look at our programme offers and be inspired for your next beauty and wellness break in this remarkable health spa town.

Lake Héviz Health Spa Hotels in Hungary
Thermal Lake, Lake Héviz
Tapolca Health spa hotels hungary
Health Spa Town Tapolca
Health Spa Hotels in Hungary
Thermal Baths, Hungary

The Jewel of Thermal Springs between Bad Bük & Bad Sárvár: Located along the renowned thermal spring region, Bad Bük and Bad Sárvár account to two of the most popular destinations in Hungary.

Bubbling deep underneath Bad Sárvár, two hot thermal springs established the reputation of this historically significant place as a spa town. Using the natural healing power of the thermal waters, our health spa hotels in this region focus on the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, asthma, gynaecological and dermatological issues, rehabilitation of intervertebral disc operations and other rehabilitation purposes. Because of its high-qualitative therapy offers, the town belongs to the “Royal Spas of Europe”.

Bad Bük has an equally outstanding reputation and history of health spa hotels. Located close to the Austrian border, the town doesn’t only invite for a visit to its neighbour country, but more so for a curative or relaxing holiday in one of our health spa hotels. Discovered by a fortunate coincidence more than 50 years ago, Bad Bük owes its international reputation as a thermal and spa town to its medicinal springs.

Regardless of age, suffering from serious health conditions or simply staying for a relaxing wellness weekend, Bad Bük provides you with a variety of offers to help you experience your perfect health holiday according to your personal needs.

Bad Zalakaros:

Its status as the city of healing thermal springs originated in the 1960 when hot volcanic springs were found by coincidence during drill works for oil. Since then, thermal baths and curative hotels have been built and attract many visitors searching for relieve of their symptoms. These symptoms mainly cover rheumatic, dermatologic and gynaecologic/urologic problems. But the health spa town is not only known for its curative and relaxing thermal water: Surrounded by romantic vine- and fruit yards, visitors can explore the region on bikes or by foot in the midst of green nature and a rich flora and fauna in this region all year round. There’s a reason that this romantic town is known as Europe’s Flower City.

Medical Expertise in Health Spa Hotels in Hungary

Since centuries, bathing and cleaning habits are an important part of the Hungarian lifestyle. It isn’t solely seen as a refreshment for your body, mind and soul but has a far more medical background. With the century-long experience and history, our medical experts will support your recovery process during your stay in one of our health spa hotels in Hungary.

Our Spa Resorts in Hungary are 100% focused on wellbeing and healing programmes. Being updated with new findings without losing the knowledge that has been passed down for thousands of years, traditional therapies in Hungary are kept alive. Along with highly qualified medicals and welcoming staff in the therapy departments and spa areas, our Health Spa Hotels in Hungary are unique, delightful and effective.

Please contact us for any other request or concern of yours. Our team of experts will gladly offer you advice.

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Hungarian Culture and Culinary

With your stay in one of our health spa hotels in Hungary, you have the unique chance to dive into the world of the traditional Hungarian cuisine. To fulfil the ultimate living-abroad experience, you should give it a go and try the extravaganza of different flavours of the Hungarian cuisine. With spicy, rich and creative flavours, the Hungarian cuisine is a delicious discovery for many of our customers.

Traditional Hungarian dishes are mainly based on meat, seasonal vegetables, fresh bread with a dip (e.g. sour cream), dairy products, fruits and cheeses. The best-known national Hungarian dish certainly is goulash (Hungarian: gulyás). Internationally known as a meat stew, it actually is a soup made with meat. Hungarians have different names for it: Pörkölt and Tokány.

Used for flavouring the goulash and many other dishes, is the one of the key ingredients the red-powdered spice paprika. With its peppery and spicy taste, it adds a kick to every meal. Onions, potatoes, noodles, cabbage are other basic stables of the Hungarian cuisine. Palacsinta is another favourite. It is a pancake and often rolled or wrapped around different kinds of fillings.

Throughout the world, Hungarians are known for their delicious cakes and pastries. Brought to Hungary by the Turks, the flaky pastry dough called phyllo or filo is originally made out of honey and nuts. Hungarians brought their own twist to pastries and cakes by using own ingredients such as cherries, apples and poppy seeds. Et voilà: the famous dessert called strudel was born. 

Health Spa Hotels in Hungary
Hungarian Goulash with potato dumblings (Serviettenknödel)



Health Spa Hotels in Hungary
Badacsony, on the north shore of Lake Balaton

Culture and Nature in Hungary

Hungary has a rich culture which is strong in folk traditions. Coming to Hungary you might notice its distinctive style, mainly influenced by various ethnic groups such as the Roma people. Music is another important factor of the Hungarian culture and the everyday life; it ranges from folk to classical.

For history-interested guests, Hungary is home to many Calvinist and Orthodox churches as well as to Roman Catholic churches. Additionally, the Dohány Street Synagogue, also known as the Great Synagogue and located in Budapest, is the largest synagogue in Europe.

If you are a nature and culture lover, Hungary has a lot to offer. Create memories while relaxing and treating your health. Enjoy calm lakes and rivers, breath-taking views on nature walks and discover the pure beauty of the Hungary’s countryside.

FAQ Health Spa Hotels in Hungary

What are some of the most popular travel destinations in Hungary?

Bad Hévíz – The Heart of the Thermal Spring Region: We invite you to visit one of Hungary’s most important bath towns. If you’re seeking for some quite time and relaxation, thisplace is truly magical. We shouldn’t forget that the medical aspect of your holiday is covered as well when visting Bad Héviz: Take a swim in the healing water of Lake Héviz or stay in one of our health spa hotels in this beautiful region. 

Budapest – Being Hungary’s capital, Budapest has many cultural and historical sights to discover. What most people don’t know about: The city owns some of the most historic and best thermal springs of the country. How about taking a break from sightseeing and relaxing in one of our best thermal spa resorts in Hungary?

For experts of the thermal centres, we also recommend the other pearls of the Hungarian spas between Sávár, Tapolca and Zalakaros and Bük. And of course, we must not forget to mention the so-called "Mecca of rheumatism", Hajdúszoboszló in western Hungary. 

Which are the best thermal springs in Hungary?

Some of the best thermal springs can be found in Budapest. The historical buildings often have many spas with different water content and curative properties. Experience the healing powers of thermal spas in our health spa hotels in Budapest.

If you decide to take a thermal health holiday to one of our spa resorts in Hungary, we recommend the world’s largest thermal lake, Lake Héviz. Due to its constant water temperature of around 27°C-30°C, you can benefit from the healing powers of the thermal spring throughout the whole year. 

The Medicinal Grotto in Tapolca is another thermal bath you shouldn’t miss. Built over a cave with direct access to the Medicinal grotto, this thermal bath is an authentic way to experience the healing powers of medicinal water and to fully relax.

The Jewel of Thermal Springs between Bad Bük & Bad Sárvár: Along this famous route you can find many beautiful and luxurious thermal springs with the best quality service. Check out our search tool to find your favourite.

What are the best health spa hotels in Hungary?

To ensure the best quality service and healing for you, we have collected our top 5 health spa hotels in Hungary for you: Hotel Délibáb, Lotus Therme Hotel & Spa, Hotel Karos Spa 

Holidays in a health and wellness hotel in Hungary: With or without kids?

As thermal bathing has a long tradition in the Hungarian culture and is often shared with the whole family, some of our health spa hotels in Hungary are very family-friendly as well. By using the search tool on our website, you can discover the perfect hotel for you and your family. Health spa enjoyment for the whole family!

What is the best season for a wellness holiday in Hungary?

Do you have difficulties deciding when to travel to Hungary? The best time to travel to Hungary is between spring (April-May) and autumn (September – October). The temperature during the off-peak season is pleasant and you will also avoid the large tourist crowds.

What is the ideal length of stay in a health spa hotel in Hungary?

Depending on the intensity of your symptoms and intentions when visiting a health spa hotel in Hungary, your length of stay usually ranges from a weekend up to one or two weeks. We are happy to consult you in this regard. Simply give us a call or contact us via e-mail.

How to travel to Hungary?

The best way to reach Hungary is by airplane. All large airports in the UK offer affordable flights to Budapest. If you prefer using a rental car during your holiday, you can easily book one upon arrival or when arriving at your destination airport. This will allow you more flexibility to explore the exciting surroundings of your spa destination.

How affordable is a holiday in Hungary?

Especially Hungary’s capital city Budapest has developed into a modern city and prices have adapted to this. Therefore, travelling in Hungary can be slightly more expensive than in other parts of Eastern Europe though cheaper than in other countries within Europe. However, visits to museums and concerts and even eating out are often much cheaper than in the UK for instance – especially outside the tourist hotspots.

How much do I spend on a night in a health spa hotel in Hungary on average?

If you’re booking a stay only, prices can vary between £26 up to £81 per night. Note that most hotels offer stays from 2 nights upwards only. Depending on the type of programme and your length of stay, prices range from around £200 to around £2000.

How do I save money when booking a holiday to Hungary?

When booking a spa hotel in Hungary, we recommend booking a spa package with diverse treatments instead of single treatments. For you, this will be the most cost-effective option because you can book the packages ahead of your trip instead of individually on site. Book in advance to benefit from an “Early Bird Special” on stays and packages.

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