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Wellness and spa in beautiful surroundings

Portugal’s unique flair and the warm temperatures all year round, make the country one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. Watch dolphins from your balcony splashing through the crystal-clear ocean, try Portuguese delicacies and experience exclusive wellness treatments in our best spas in Portugal. With over 40 years of experience, our health spa hotels provide you with the most exclusive treatments in stunning locations. Regardless if you’re looking for detox, wellness, weight loss, yoga or Ayurveda, we’re happy to find your perfect holiday in Portugal.

Our Most Popular Programmes in Portugal

Leave the stress and hectic of your everyday life behind and immerse yourself in relaxing wellness treatments. Our health spa hotels in Portugal are known for dreamlike locations in the heart of nature. Enjoy soothing body scrubs with sea salt, treatments with the healing powers of grapes and much more. 

Experience the power of meditation and finding inner peace with our yoga holiday programmes. Imagine yourself practicing yoga in one of our hotels in Portugal while enjoying endless views over the glistening Atlantic. Our yoga experts will guide you through daily yoga sessions and help you stimulate your physical and mental vitality.

Portugal's active resorts offer a variety of detox and weight loss activities. Our health spa hotels in Portugal await you with programmes and diets to vitalise your body and mind. They are known for first-class detox programmes to stimulate your physical and mental health with detox nutrition and recreational acitivity. 

Our best spa hotels in Portugal

If you already know you want to book a health spa hotel in Portugal or the travel theme of your healthy holiday, please use our search tool and get all available offers. Filter them to your personal preferences and find your best spa hotel in Portugal according to your needs.

The most beautiful spa destinations in Portugal

As a spa destination, Portugal offers an optimal balance between wellness and active leisure. Our hotels in Portugal have a variety of different packages, from Ayurveda to yoga to detox holidays.

Experience a haven of relaxation in our health spa hotels in Portugal where you can fully focus on your well-being and enjoy life. Take a moment of peace and total relaxation in one of our spa hotels in Portugal or walk around the inviting promenades after a relaxing spa treatment.

The deep valleys on Madeira island, the view from the cliffs and the white sandy beaches along Algarve, are only a few places in Portugal that make it the perfect choice for your next wellness holidays. Contact our team of experts today, they are happy to help you find your dream deal. Let’s dive into our most popular destinations for wellness, yoga and detox holidays in Portugal.

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Madeira, with its exotic nature, is known as the island of eternal spring. The Atlantic island is the perfect place for those seeking activity during their holiday. Surrounded by clear blue waters, colourful exotic flowers, our hotels on this delightful island are in remote areas, making it a serene holiday for guests seeking relaxation, detox or inner peace and rejuvenation. Discover the beauty of this island on a hike in between colourful and green nature or simply from the terrace of your health spa hotel.

Lisbon and Northern Portugal

Discover the diversity and culturally rich regions of northern Portugal. If you feel like exploring and are interested in the Portuguese culture, we recommend visiting the north of Portugal. Especially, our spa hotels in Lisbon have a unique, luxurious charm and first-class wellness treatments. Perfect for relaxing after an exciting stroll through the bustling streets of Lisbon. Nature lovers will be rewarded with wide views over the "green fields" in the north of Portugal. Visit national parks near Sintra – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and discover the beautiful and diverse nature of the country. 

You still want to spoil yourself with luxurious wellness treatments and experience a detox holiday? Our hotels in Lisbon and northern Portugal await you with spa and detox treatments to relax and unwind from the daily hectic.


The Algarve is the beautiful southern coastline of Portugal and blessed with magical beaches, picturesque fishing towns and a warm climate all year round.

Relax in our charming resorts and hotels on the Algarve, Portugal’s southernmost region. With magnificent hill side locations or dreamlike views of the Atlantic Ocean, our unique and luxurious hotels invite specifically for exclusive wellness, detox or Yoga holidays.

Next to your treatments, feel free to explore the history and creativity of the famous pottery and ceramics of the region.

Nature, culinary delicacies and culture in Portugal

Colourful nature and the healing power of grapes

Portugal is known for its green valleys, colourful exotic flora on islands such as Madeira, a sensational coastline, long mountains ranges and beautifully adorned vineyards. Did you know that the healing power of grapes is used in wellness treatments? Our health spa hotels in Portugal offer treatments with grapes! Contact us if you're interested in this special treatment.

During your stay in one of our health spa hotels in Portugal, we recommend visiting the "green fields" of the north. With all their shades of green and colourful flowers, you can experience breath taking views over the country. Taste authentic green wine, an exclusive Portuguese specialty produced in these areas.

Nature lovers can discover large national parks with hiking trails and protected reserves, especially in Northern Portugal. If you're staying on Madeira for your healthy holiday, you will be surprised with stunning views over Atlantic ocean, ruff cliffs and exotic flowers all around the island. A perfect addition to your wellness treatments or daily yoga sessions.



Health Spa Hotels in Portugal
Beautiful flora and view over the Atlantic ocean

Port wine and culinary delicacies

Portugal is internationally known for its high standard cuisine and delicious pastries. If you visit Portugal, we recommend trying the pasteis de nata, a Portuguese custard tart. So simple, but so good. Due to its coastal location, seafood lovers can expect fresh and locally caught fish and other seafood specialities. The Portuguese are especially in love with codfish. Imagine yourself sitting in one of the fisherman town restaurants and being served this delightful traditional dish. 

Make your holiday even more special by taking part in one of the wine tastings. The northern part of the country, the Duoro valley, is famous for its port wine. Its sweet characteristics distinguish this wine from common wines.

In our health spa hotels in Portugal, you will find regional and international low-calorie breakfast buffets instead of the typical sweet Portuguese breakfast. If you visit Portugal for detox or Ayurveda, you will be offered a special full board according to your type of programme.



Culinary delights in Portugal
Fisherman town on Madeira

Cable cars and culture in Portugal

Portugal is a diverse and vibrant country and counts to one of the oldest countries in the world with over 800 years of history. The Portuguese have a welcoming and friendly mindset. During your stay at one of our health spa hotels in Portugal you will experience this as well.

Since centuries, cable cars are a mode of transportation in Portugal. Even nowadays, you can still find them in different cities around the country. Experience this traditional way of transportation while exploring Lisbon in between your spa treatments.


Cable car Lisbon
The cable car, a traditional way of transport in Lisbon

FAQ Portugal - Travel and saving tips

What is the best time to travel to Portugal?

When you plan travelling to Portugal, we recommend the months from March-June or September-November if you want to avoid tourist crowds in the streets and many guests in our health spa hotels. Despite the cooler temperatures, you can still enjoy the country’s beauty during a walk along the beach. It’s the best time to discover the Algarve’s authentic charm and relax with first class wellness treatments or recharge during yoga classes.

Travelling during the summer months, you can enjoy long beach days, hikes through the beautiful nature and enjoy your time in between treatments on the hotels’ own terraces and gardens.

If you’re planning your healthy holidays to the northern part of Portugal, the best time to travel is during April – October. This way, you will avoid the chilly winters and dry summers. Temperatures during these months are at an average of 18°C (65F). Please note: the further away from the coast, the warmer it gets. We recommend: the best time for you to travel to Portugal, depends on the choice of your holiday programme. Please contact our experts if you need any advice.

How many days should I plan for my holidays in Portugal?

Depending on your favourite programme, we recommend travelling to our health spa hotels in Portugal for at least 4 days. If you’re interested in a yoga holiday, a long weekend can be enough. For a detox holiday, you should plan at least one week to receive a measurable effect of the treatments and feel long-term benefits.

Or do you feel the need to escape your everyday hustle and bustle for a relaxing short-trip to our hotels in Portugal? Our wellness and spa programmes can be enjoyed from 1 night upwards.

How can I save money on my Portugal holiday?

Do you travel on a budget but want to be pampered and dream of a unique wellness or yoga experience in our hotels in Portugal? We are happy to plan your exclusive budget holiday to Portugal together with you.

If you’re interested in multiple treatments, our hotels in Portugal offer spa packages as well which we recommend booking instead of single treatments. For your convenience, this option is not only more cost-effective for you but can be booked before your health holiday to Portugal. Our advice: Book well ahead of your holiday to Portugal. This way you will benefit from the “Early Bird Specials” valid for stays and programmes.

Did you know that travelling during the off-peak season from March-June or September-November, you will not only avoid the tourism crowds but also save money on hotel and treatment bookings as hotels in Portugal raise prices in peak seasons?

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