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Thermal Hotels in the Czech Republic

Luxurious Spa Hotels with Thermal Treatments and Bathing

Are you looking for a thermal hotel and spa in the Czech Republic? Then you’ve come to the right place. This page explains our main types of thermal hotels available in the country of thermal springs and explains how you can book.

Most Popular Thermal Hotels in Czech Republic

Luxurious Thermal Spas in the Czech Republic

Thermal hotels in the Czech Republic offer thermal treatments and bathing using local natural mineral water from the country’s many springs. This water is either heated up (if from a cold spring) or naturally hot (if from a hot spring) and is the core component of our thermotherapy packages at spa hotels in the Czech Republic. Used in individual bathtubs, large swimming pools, whirlpools, bubble baths, underwater massages, hot compresses and steam rooms, you will enjoy a wide variety of thermal treatments on your spa holiday.

We have a handful of hotels in the Czech Republic with large thermal swimming pools, but the majority of our spa hotels here have opted for individual bath tubs where guests can enjoy mineral waters directly tapped from the different springs in each spa town. As one of the most famous spa towns in the Czech Republic, the thermal hotels in Karlovy Vary are extremely popular with our clients.

Specific minerals in the thermal water as well as the heat itself can have beneficial effects on the health, soothing joint pains, relaxing tense muscles and restoring minerals to the body. Click the link to learn more about the different mineral components of the thermal baths in the Czech Republic and their beneficial effects on the health.

The thermal water used for each guest can be adapted to individual needs because most thermal spa towns have more than a few different springs with varying thermal compositions. Although all of the spa towns in the Czech Republic have several springs, Mariánské Lázně has the most with 100 springs, 40 of which are in the town itself, used for a wide range of healing therapies.

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Reasons to Book a Thermal Spa in the Czech Republic

  1. Mineral Springs: Thermal spas in the Czech Republic use unique natural mineral water from over 300 thermal springs and are an effective natural health therapy.
  2. Experience: Czech spa hotels have been welcoming guests for thermotherapy for over 2 centuries and create excellent results.
  3. Tradition: The Czech Republic has a long spa town tradition, attracting guests such as Beethoven, Goethe and even many contemporary stars.
  4. Culture: Czech spa towns have a rich culture and variety of evening events to offer.
  5. Nature: The surrounding nature of mountains, waterfalls and forests offers peace and tranquillity to accompany your thermotherapy package.
Thermal Spa Hotels in the Czech Republic
Thermal Spring Water Therapy

Booking Your Thermal Hotel in the Czech Republic

Which Spa Package to Book?

The most popular package in our Czech Republic Thermal Spa Hotels are the “Complex Healing” programmes. In the old days these would have been called thermal spa therapies or bathing therapies, but today they include many more varied treatments and so named differently. On top of the thermal water from the many natural springs in the Czech Republic, the programmes also include medical treatments, for example: medical massage, hydro-massage and CO² bath to name just a few. These programmes are personalized for each guest depending on their healing goals.

How to Book?

With 40 years’ experience in healing holidays and a strong focus on the Czech Republic as a thermal destination we will be more than happy to advise you before, during and after your trip. There are several ways to start this fantastic healthy travel project.

  1. Search Tool: You can use our search-wizard to filter the Thermal Hotels in the Czech Republic according to your personal wishes.
  2. Choose Your Hotel: You can choose one of our Top Selling Thermal Hotels in Czech Republic who are shown below and either book online, make a 72-hour preliminary reservation (to save a good deal) or request availability (if our pre-reserved rooms are already full, but don’t worry 72% of our availability requests get a positive answer).
  3. Contact the experts: If you have a complex holiday plan or a very specific medical condition you can also contact our expert team. They will gladly advise you on the different hotels and therapy forms and help you book your trip.

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If you already know you want to book a thermal hotel in the Czech Republic, please use the search bar to get all available offers and filter them to your personal preferences. This way, you can easily find and book the best thermal spa hotel for your needs.

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