Health Spa in Hungary

Health Spa in Hungary

Outstanding thermal treatments in a beautiful country

Our Most Popular Health Spas in Hungary

Ultimate Healing in Hungary

More than 1,000 mineral springs provide the ultimate healing experience in Hungary. Our health spas in Hungary are in close proximity to Hungary's beautiful, natural springs, offering the optimum conditions for unique thermal healing treatments. 

Thanks to Hungary's diverse treasure chest of natural healing springs, a variety of region-specific treatments are available at our health spas in Hungary. For example, the thermal lake in Hévíz has very high natural radium content in the water that passes through the peaty mud at the bottom of the lake, meaning that water drawn from this lake has an analgesic effect, making these treatments particularly effective for pain relief. The charming town of Sárvár is home to health spas offering thermal treatments which visibly smooth your skin, due to the high concentration of hydrogen carbonate in the water. Those searching for a spa and city experience can explore the exciting and enigmatic city of Budapest, where iconic health spas tempt guests in with a range of treatments.

Alongside these natural healing treatments that are exclusive to Hungary's unique landscape, health spas in Hungary offer a range of relaxation and wellness treatments, from calming massages and steamy saunas to mineral scrubs and soothing wraps. 

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