Discover the natural healing power of the sea

Best Destinations for Thalassotherapy

Experience the natural healing power of Thalasso

Similar to our Thermal Spa treatments, Thalassotherapy utilises the natural healing power of mineral-rich waters to tone muscles, treat cellulite and cure skin problems such as psoriasis. Thalassotherapy is based on the sea products such as seaweed, water, salt and mud. Clear your lungs in the fresh sea air and sooth your skin with Thalasso treatments, such as seaweed wraps, Vichy showers, massages and much more.

The magnificent benefits of these mineral-rich oceanic products and the natural calming effect of the ocean have drawn some of Hollywood's biggest stars to Thalassotherapy. With SpaDreams, you can experience the all-star treatment at an affordable price. 

With a warm climate and mineral rich waters, Tunisia and Morocco are home to some of our finest Thalassotherapy resorts. Take a trip to one of our exotic Thalassotherapy centres in Egypt, relax and rejuvenate in Croatia or Slovenia, soak the Spanish sun or explore some of our other excellent resorts located throughout Europe.

For one of a kind thalasso experience, we recommend our resorts by the Dead Sea, known for their effective cures for psoriasis, eczema and rheumatic conditions. 

Book your thalasso therapy escape with SpaDreams today and discover the power of the sea!

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