Thermal Spa

Thermal Spa

Discover the power of natural healing water

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Healing Thermal Spas

Explore the immense healing power of natural springs with one of our Thermal Spa breaks. Thermal spa treatments have been used for thousands of years and are now being incorporated into alternative and traditional medicinal treatments. 

Hungary, the land of 1,000 springs, has a reputation for being one of the most popular thermal spa destinations. The spa towns of Hévíz and Buk are characterized by their underground thermal springs, modern bathing facilities and varied wellness facilities.

The mineral-rich water is known for toning skin, enhancing blood circulation and removing toxins in the body’s tissue, making our thermal spa resorts the perfect destination for anyone looking rejuvenate and discover a new lease of life. Undertake one of our traditional thermal spa treatments, such as seaweed and mud wraps, or simply unwind in a whirlpool whilst sipping on a wellness cocktail. With specialist medical treatments, top-quality facilities, expert utilisation of the natural healing power of thermal water, our thermal spa resorts offer an excellent all-round cure for numerous conditions. 

We offer a wide variety of destinations, each with their own unique atmosphere, rich history and charming ambience. Some of our most popular resorts are located in Slovenia, Hungary and Italy, each offering an array of cultural activities and stunning landscapes. Regardless of where you choose to go and which thermal spa treatments you undertake, SpaDreams can promise you a high-quality experience at the best possible price.

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