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Discover the immense healing power of natural springs with one of our thermal spa breaks.

What is a thermal spa?

The word ‘Thermal’ or thermae comes from the Greek “therme” meaning heat, and in ancient Greece and Rome the word developed to mean ‘hot baths’. Many of the same hot springs used to supply these ancient roman baths are still in use today and thus have centuries old histories. These hot springs are now incorporated into spas around the world, where the thermal waters are tapped into swimming pools or made accessible via steps into the thermal lakes or open natural springs. Europe has an abundance of these natural hot springs, which you can learn more about below.

Healing Spring Water

The mineral-rich water from hot spring spas is favoured for its healing powers. The benefits of hot spring water include enhanced blood circulation as well as detoxification and toning of the skin. Depending on the specific minerals of the spring (which can be held in much higher quantity due to the heat of the spring), various ailments can be targeted. Hot springs spas are available with minerals such as iron, calcium, lithium and radium and guests often find that these minerals are much better absorbed through the skin or through drinking the waters rather than through artificial supplements as in conventional medicine.

Best Thermal Spas in Europe

At thermal resorts in Europe, the benefits of mineral rich waters are now incorporated into alternative medicinal treatments (i.e. hydrotherapy or balneotherapy) and have high success rates around the world. These specialist medical treatments, top-quality facilities and expert utilisation of the natural healing powers of thermal water enable our thermal spa resorts to offer excellent holistic healing opportunities for numerous conditions. To get you started with your holiday plans, read below about some of the most popular natural thermal retreat locations in Europe.

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Sávár, Héviz and Buk, Hungary

Thermal Spas in Hungary, a land with over 1,000 natural springs, is one of the most loved thermal spa destinations. Spa towns Hévíz and Bük are characterized by their underground thermal springs, modern bathing facilities and varied wellness facilities. Sávár also makes one of the best destinations for thermotherapy alongside beauty treatments.


Amongst beautiful countryside, lie many exceptional spa retreats in Slovakia. After days spent skiing in winter or hiking in summer, you can tone and protect your skin with sulphuric spring water.

Budapest, Hungary

Our thermal spa hotels in Budapest offer exceptional treatments and fascinating culture. The iconic Danubius Hotel Gellert is located on the banks of the Danube River and attracting guests to its traditional, mineral rich thermal spa since 1918. This is ideal for those seeking a rich variety of cultural activities to accompany your soothing spa therapies.

Bad Wildungen, Germany

Authentic, natural thermal spa hotels in Germany promise modern comfort and professional treatments. Bad Wildungen is one of our most popular thermal spas high in iron, magnesium and carbonic acid.


Enjoy a break at a health spa in Slovenia, a country that offers a variety of thermal retreats and beautiful locations. Experience black thermal water or the world famous calcium and magnesium rich Radenska mineral water. Situated by the bright blue waters of the Adriatic Sea or amongst forest and mountains, Slovenia's thermal spa hotels do not disappoint.

Abano Terme, Italy

The hot springs of Albano Terme have been used since Roman times for their health and relaxation benefits. Enjoy Italian gelato and strolls through narrow cobbled streets along side your Mediterranean spa holiday.

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