Hiking in Germany

Hiking in Germany

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If the hectic pace of everyday life makes you desire a closer connection with nature and a healthier lifestyle, an active holiday in Germany is the best choice for you. Hiking is an energetic activity which stimulates the immune system, boosts metabolism, keeps you fit and shakes off the stress. Hiking does not always require specialist equipment as long as you choose the right trails.

The German highlands are the ultimate destination for what the Germans call “Wandern” (long walks in the mountains). This sort of hiking is suitable for everyone and does not require any specialist equipment - all you need is a pair of comfortable shoes! More advanced hiking enthusiasts will be amazed by the well-organised infrastructure and prevalence of hiking in the German health tourism industry.

You'll find shops stocked with high-class outdoor clothing, countless, well-maintained trails and easy access to specialist equipment. Germans love hiking and long walks therefore nearly all destinations located in non-urbanised parts of the country offer plenty of walking and hiking trails.

The hotels located in the most popular hiking destinations are well prepared to cater for the needs of hiking enthusiasts  and often offer maps as well as equipment hire. If you are keen on outdoor activities but don’t want to compromise on comfort, Germany is certainly a must visit destination for you. 

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