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Hungary is a breathtaking medley of nature and culture, where a fusion of striking architectural gems mark out milestones of history, from Ancient Roman bath houses to Art Nouveau style museums. Blessed with natural thermal waters, Hungary's terrain is characterised by tranquil lakes, bubbling springs and the gentle river Danube, which flows languidly through picturesque landscapes, under historical bridges and through the remarkable city of Budapest.  

With its complex history and fascinating blend of architecture, Budapest captivates its guests. This mysterious city is packed full of wonders, such as the mysterious labyrinth of Buda castle and the House of Terror Museum, and is also the home to some of the most iconic spas in Europe. The opulent, baroque-style Széchenyi Baths and the art déco Spa Gellert are just some of the most beautiful spas in Budapest and have become tourist attractions in their own right. Budapest is definitely the most popular spa destination in Hungary, however the country has many other unique spa resorts to offer. 

Hévíz, home to the largest natural thermal lake in Europe is an excellent destination to visit all year around - the waters of the Lake Hévíz stay warm even in winter! Hévíz is located close to another distinctive lake, the Balaton. Lake Balaton is the largest in Central Europe known for its shallow waters, and is safe to bath in, even for inexperienced swimmers. 

The alpine foothills are also a tempting destination for spa lovers exploring Hungary. Sopron lies just 60 km away from Vienna and Bük, a tiny yet enchanting spa resort, is perfect for walking, hiking or mountain kayaking enthusiasts. Another interesting destination is Sárvár - famous for two kinds of medicinal thermal waters used to cure various conditions ranging from digestive disorders and urinary problems to respiratory diseases and skin conditions. 

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