Indonesia Holiday

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For decades, Indonesia has been a paradise for those seeking glorious landscapes and a remarkable cultural experience.
Even those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life are in the right place at the world's largest island country.
With sparkling, white and pristine sandy beaches, imposing volcanic landscapes, a unique underwater world and countless sporting challenges and cultural attractions, Indonesia offers every vacationer an unforgettable experience.
Even those who travel alone will not feel lonely in this colorful splendor and enchanting atmosphere.

Facts & Figures

Official name: Republic of Indonesia (Republic of Indonesia)
Location: Southeast Asian archipelago, between Indian and Pacific oceans
Area: 2.02 million km²
Capital: Jakarta
Population: 250 million
Religious and ethnic groups: 87% Muslim, 8% Christian, 3% Hindu / 45% Javanese, 14% Sudanese, 8% Maduresen, 8% Malays
Language: Indonesian (official language), 700 different languages and dialects
Geography: Lowland on the coasts, partly mountainous in the middle of the island. Highest point: Puncak Jaya (4884m)
Time zone: West Indonesian Time (UTC + 07:00), Middle Indonesian Time (UTC + 08:00), East Indonesian Time (UTC + 09:00)
Political and Economic: Presidential republic, GDP: 698 billion euros (2013)
Currency: Indonesian Rupiahs (1 € = 15500 IDR)

Arrival and departure

Since Indonesia is an island nation, many parts of the country can only be reached by plane or ship. Garuda Indonesia is currently the only airline with a direct connection to the EU.
Flight duration:
Vaccinations: In general, vaccination for hepatitis A, as well as hepatitis B, rabies, typhoid and Japanese encephalitis are recommended for longer stays.
Upon arrival: Fitting to its geographical nature, Indonesia has developed a wide-ranging transport system. There are numerous offers for the development of the country which can be reached by rail, air or by sea. Due to the unfamiliar traffic situations cars should not be rented without a driver.

Climate and best time to travel

Indonesia's climate is tropical and mostly humid.
Winter average temperature: 27 ° C (lows around 22 ° C in January)
Summer average temperature: 28 ° C (maximum temperatures around 35 ° C in August)
Water temperature: max. 28 ° C in August
Best travel time for Indonesia is from May to October. Outside this period, heavy rain can be expected.

The most beautiful holiday regions

Java – Centre of Indonesia and known as the coffee paradise
Bali – Numerous temples and endless rice fields

Public holidays and celebrations

The Islamic, Hindu and Chinese holidays are calculated according to the lunar calendar and therefore shift from year to year.
New Year (January 1), Prophet Muhammad's Birthday, Chinese New Year, Hindu New Year, Good Friday (March / April), Buddha's Birthday, Prophet's Ascension Day, Ascension Day (May), Fasting Break (June 15), Independence Day (June 17), Sacrifice Festival, Islamic New Year, Christmas (December 25/26)

DOs and DON'Ts

• Take mosquito repellent. Malaria and dengue fever are common in Indonesia and can even break out after you return. Wear long, bright clothes, especially in the evening and night. Use mosquito repellent and mosquito nets.
• Greet people carefully. Handshakes are usually done with both hands. Many (especially Muslim) women prefer that men do not make physical contact with them.
• Use the right hand. Since the left in Indonesia is considered impure, you should only greet with your right. You should also only use this hand to exchange items and point towards objects as well.
• Register. In Indonesia there is a duty to register before 24 hours since arrival in the country. As a rule, this is taken over by your hotel, but be sure to double check.

• Don’t take every yes as an absolute. A “no” is considered rude to many Indonesians. Pay close attention to "yes", "but's" and their body language.
• Don’t yell or shout. Indonesians are quiet people. You do not want to speak with a loud tone even for something joyful. Generally do not show displeasure in public.
• Don’t take pounds with you. These can rarely be exchanged locally. Either exchange your money in Germany or take U.S. Dollars with you.

Holiday tips

Can you drink the tap water? The Indonesian water should not be used as drinking water. Instead drink bottled water or boil the tap water thoroughly for a very long time.
Do I need an adapter?
What about medical care? Medical care is not up to European standards. A travel health insurance with medical evacuation transport is highly advised.

Top tips and discoveries

Jakarta is a booming metropolis. The city is always in motion and steadily on the rise, which can be especially noticed on the broad main streets with their new, vast skyscrapers and financial centers. Not to mention, there is also a historic and much quieter Jakarta which is well worth a visit. In addition to various religious sites and palaces of yesteryear, there are various museums and entire districts, which are preserved as witnesses of the history to this day. If you want a panoramic view of this megacity, do so from Monas, Jakarta's 137-meter high landmark.

Island Hopping
With more than 17,000 smaller and larger islands, Indonesia is a paradise for island hoppers.
From lively tourist centers like Bali to tiny, pristine dream islands, from breathtaking diving areas to historical sites, you can fully enjoy the contrasts of the country.
Many islands are located in groups close to each other, so they can be easily reached by boat for day trips. On longer boat trips the journey from one place to another is a wonderful and impressive experience. For longer distances, special flights are often offered.

Secret Tips
Ubud is considered the cultural and spiritual center of Bali. At the temples, delightfuly colourful ceremonies can be observed. Discover nocturnal dance rituals and the beautiful sculptures and masks made with wood from the surrounding forests by local craftsmen. Also, for wellness and sport enthusiasts, Ubud offers various activities.
A pleasant feature of Ubud is its climate, which is cooler due to its relatively higher position compared to most of the other parts of Bali.

Regions in Indonesia