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With our vast selection of luxury resorts by the beach one will not be short for 5-star hotels with Seaside atmosphere to choose from. Whether it's classic Europe or an exotic Asian or African country, SpaDreams selects the best resorts in the world for you. These hotels are the best choice for those seeking a bit of luxury and dreaming of rest on the sandy beach. Is the noise of the waves not the best music for solving the crushed nerves?

Those wishing to spend their holidays on the Mediterranean Sea will find plenty of luxurious resorts to choose from. Holidays in Greece, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, and Egypt, just to name a few. These countries greet tourists with warm temperatures, sunny weather and their unique Mediterranean cuisines. During your holidays on the Mediterranean Sea you can not only relax but also get to know the history of the continent thanks to numerous world-famous monuments.

For an even more exceptional holiday, perhaps a luxury beach holiday on an exotic island is the right fit. Mauritius and the Maldives are adored by tourists from all over the world for their beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise waters.  Some call it paradise on earth. You can enjoy not only the perfect weather but also the cultural richness of these tropical islands.

Perhaps the Baltic Sea is more what you have in mind. On the Baltic we recommend the German or Polish coasts.  With 5-star hotels like the Marine and Ultra Marine - modern hotels located directly on the Baltic Sea.  Each with an extensive Spa complex. Our guests choose the Baltic coast not only because of the ideal location, but also because of the high quality of the services provided.

At one of our Luxury beach resorts our clients enjoy a wide range of spa and wellness treatments. Performed by professionals from around the world, their main task is to ensure that all wishes of our clients are realized. Guests are pampered with massages, beauty treatments, baths and even gold masks. After a series of treatments of this type, it is impossible not to feel relaxed and relaxed.

We encourage you to review our Luxury Beach Resorts and book your dream vacation at a high-class SpaDreams hotel.

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