Luxury Island Escapes

Luxury Island Escapes

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A luxurious island adventure

Escape to a paradisiacal island! Soak up the sun on an untouched white beach, dip your toes into crystal clear water and live out all your fantasies with a SpaDreams luxury island escape. 

Just 8 degrees off the equator lies the mystic island of Bali, which promises stunning views of the Pacific and exquisitely luxurious resorts. Sri Lanka, the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean" twinkles and tempts guests in with offers of pristine white sand and authentic Ayurveda treatments. Follow the path of pirates to the Caribbean and swing from a cosy cotton hammock between two palm trees and forget the rest of the world. The Maldives and the beautiful island of Mauritius captivate with their irresistible beaches and shimmering shores.   

Those looking for a luxury island escape closer to home need to look no further than the gorgeous Mediterranean islands: Cyprus, Crete, Majorca and Ibiza, where you'll find rich culture, gourmet cuisine  and beautiful beaches. In the Atlantic awaits Madeira, the island of flowers, where sweeping cliffs more than compensate for the lack of beaches. Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, offers a Spanish atmosphere with unique fauna and flora.

Live the luxury island escape of your fantasies with SpaDreams! Book today and take advantage of our best price guarantee. 

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