Luxury Spa Breaks in Italy

Luxury Spa Breaks in Italy

Indulgent Hospitality with an Italian Flair

Luxury Spa Breaks in Tranquil Italy

Enjoy specialist health and wellness therapies at exclusive luxury hotels in the top spa destinations in Italy. Scroll below to discover what makes our luxury hotels in Italy special.

Our Most Popular Luxury Spa Hotels in Italy

What is special about our luxury spa hotels in Italy?

Unique Locations

Few places on earth rival the sunny climate, rich culture and unique landscape of Italy. All of our spa hotels have been especially selected because of their beautiful surroundings, whether amongst the Euganean Hills of Northern Italy or on the azure coast of Ischia in the south.

Explore dreamy Venetian Canals or the rustic villages in Tuscany before returning to your hotel to enjoy ultimate comfort. Even the hotel buildings themselves are unique, from a former castle and a palace to state-of-the-art architecture – these hotels are 5 star luxury for a reason.

Italian Spa Therapies

Each of our spa breaks in Italy includes a variety of treatments allowing you to fully relax and rejuvenate.  Use your time in one of our luxury Italian spas to receive vitality enhancing therapy. Detox advice is made so that you can take your new healthy schedule back home with you, helping you to live a healthier and more fulfilled life.

  • One of the most popular therapies originating in Italy is “Fango”, the Italian word for mud. Spas with fango make use of mineral rich mud, such as is found in the Euganean hills, for mud masks and mud baths with hugely beneficial effects for the skin. Learn more about Fango hotels in Italy here.
  • Luxury spas in Italy also make use of natural thermal springs with unique mineral water. Some of these are warm enough to swim in even in winter and can be a very effective way of absorbing essential minerals. Learn more about Thermal Spas in Italy here.

Healthy Italian Cuisine

Italy is known for its cuisine, but enjoying this cuisine usually comes at the cost of the waste line, on most holidays. At our luxury spas, high class Italian cuisine is combined with expert nutritionist advice and are tailored to suit a variety of diets, from detox and weight loss diets to organic or simply full on indulgence.

These luxury restaurants will leave you feeling light and refreshed. Special butler service is also available around the clock, on request.

If you aren’t convinced by a luxury spa break in Italy and would like more general information on different types of spa and wellness holidays across the globe, check out our information on Luxury Spa Hotels, beauty spa holidays, anti-stress and burnout treatment, and medical wellness holidays.

Only the best awaits you - let yourself be pampered in luxury. You have earned it.