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Muscle Pain

Best destinations for treating muscle pain

Various problems and pains associated with disorders of the musculoskeletal system can be alleviated on holiday. An appropriate set of treatments can help to get rid of the pain, but this is not the only aim. A complete treatment in any of our specialist spa resorts ensures relaxation, which accelerates the healing of affected muscles and joints. Stiff muscles become relaxed and the pain is reduced.

Depending on the source of pain, you can choose between different types of treatments and various destinations. For those who prefer warm climate SpaDreams has an extensive offer of resorts in Spain, Italy, Slovenia and other countries by the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea.

Other destinations include hotels offering medical wellness in Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary. The resorts in Eastern Europe offer impressive facilities (Czech Republic and Hungary) with a long spa tradition as well as modern hotels built recently to satisfy the growing demand for spa and wellness. The most popular regions include bad Sarvar and Budapest (Hungary), the Baltic Sea (Poland, Germany), the iconic spa town of Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic) and the mountaneous areas of Bavaria (Germany) and Styria (Austria, Slovenia). Effective cures are offered for example by the hotels, which belong to the Danubius Group available in Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The hotels often offer treatments based on natural methods:

  • thalassotherapy -therapy with use of seaweed, salt and sea mud (seaside resorts)
  • thermal water therapy -with use of mineral thermal waters (Central and Eastern Europe)
  • fango mud – therapeutic mud (Italy) 

Dead Sea for muscle pain

Another fascinating destination is the Dead Sea located on the border between Jordan and Israel. Due to high content of salt the body feels ten times lighter when bathing in the water from the Dead Sea and all movements are easier for sore muscles. Exercises and treatments by the Dead Sea accelerate healing processes and nourish the skin as the water is extremely rich in minerals.

It is advised to bring with you current medical reports, however medical consultations are often avaialble at the resorts. The resorts offering intensive medical wellness always offer medical check-up on site.

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