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Respiratory Diseases

Medical wellness for respiratory diseases

We offer a range of destinations in regions with an optimal climate for relieving symptoms of respiratory diseases. 

Czech spa town of Marianske Lazne (also known as Marienbad) offers treatments based on balneotherapy (therapeutic bathing, usually with use of thermal waters) and peat or mud  treatments. The exceptionally clean air in the area plays an important role in the healing process.  

Hungary has a long tradition of spa resorts. The thermal waters of Hungary were already appreciated in Roman times. The best known heatlh resort is Sarvar, located in the western part of Hungary. The capital of Hungary – Budapest is also located over thermal springs. A spa holiday in Budapest is a fantastic oportunity to explore this magnificent city. Spa Szechenyi is the largest and by far most impressive health spa in Europe, and is an attraction in its own right.

In Hungary and Czech Republic we recommend Danubius Health Spa Resorts, which offer a range of hotels suitable for guests with respiratory diseases.

The Baltic Coast of Poland is a popular health destination among domestic tourists and German visitors. The most popular spots are Ustronie or Kolobrzeg. The seaside spas benefit from natural ingredients such as saline or mineral water with a high content of sodium ions, used for inhalation and bathing. Polish resorts also offer  entertainment programmes including dance evenings and sport activities.

Germany offers various exotic treatments which derive from traditional Indian and Chinese medicine, nevertheless the most popular is domestic Kneipp therapy. Sebastian Kneipp was a pioneer of hydrotherapy and many spas have Kenipp areas.

The Dead Sea – a perfect for treatment of asthma

The Dead Sea offers several unique treatments for respiratory problems. People with asthma may consider a trip to the Dead Sea (Jordan or Israel). The water elevation is the lowest in the world, and the air is almost entirely free from pollen due to reduced vegetation.

The extremely high concentration of multiple minerals makes the Dead Sea's atmosphere the perfect remedy for various respiratory diseases. Breathing by the Dead Sea is particularly easy due to the high level of oxygen in the air. A stay at the Dead Sea, combined with the appropriate treatments, such as inhalation or breathing exercises can bring substantial positive effects for people suffering from asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases.  

Exotic cures

 Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine, is another solution for those suffering from respiratory diseases. Authentic ayurveda is available in India, Sri Lanka, Kerala and Nepal, as well as in several SpaDreams resorts in Europe. 

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