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Urinary System & Kidney Diseases

Classic treatments for urinary tract and kidney diseases

Czech Republic is a great health tourism destination with iconic spa resorts such as Marianskie Lazne (also known as Marienbad) in Karlovy Vary region. In Marianskie Lazne there are as many as 130 sources. 40 of them are especially rich in carbon dioxide, iron and other elemts. Mineral waters are used for baths, inhalations and drinking cures. Marian treatments in spas always begin with physical examination, during which a doctor determines the patient's condition and prescribes suitable treatments. The total number of weekly treatments is dependent on the reserved package. The intensive cures usually consist of more than ten treatments.

Kidney diseases and urinary infections can be treated also in the Slovenian resort of Radenci. The resort is placed by the border of three countries: Austria, Hungary and Slovenia and it is famous for its thermal water, one of the richest in minerals in Europe. Drinking cure in Radenci is therefore excellent for  kidneys and urinary tract. It may be supplemented with thermal baths, fango wraps, massages, medical gymnastics. The mild climate and more than 250 sunny days a year and make Radenci an excellent place for a therapeutic vacation combined with relax and outdoor activities.

A well-established group of resorts offering treatments for the urinary tract are Danubius hotels located mostly in Hungary but also in Czech Republic and Slovakia. As many as 10 of our partner Danubius hotels are suitable for guests suffering from urological conditions.

Treatment of gynaecological diseases

Both Marianske Lazne, as well as Radenci also specialise in the treatment of gynecological diseases. Similar programs can also be found in Hungarian spa resorts, eg. in Zalakros near Lake Balaton, in the south of the country in the resort Harkany (medicinal sulphide water) or in the famous town of Sarvar

Those who wish to undergo a treatment for urinary tract or gynecological diseases in warm climates, should consider staying in the Italian resort of Abano Terme. It is situated on the famous Euganean Hills known all over the world for treatments based on fango mud gathered in the region. These treatments are complemented by thermal baths and physiotherapy.

An interesting alternative to traditional therapies is ayurveda. This over 5000 years old traditional Indian medicine system provides remedies for many sorts of diseases. The aim of ayurvedic treatments is to regain inner balance and therefore strengthen natural healing forces of the body. Ayurvedic tratments are highly individual and they are preceded by a consultation with an ayurvedic specialist.

Our Most Popular Hotels For Treating Urinary System Diseases