Romantic Weekends in Germany

Romantic Weekends in Germany

Spend some time together in beautiful Germany

Romantic Weekends in Germany

Home of cobbled streets, stunning lakes, fairy-tale forests and some of the world's most romantic cities, Germany is the perfect destination for a romantic weekend away. Majestic castles nestled in the midst of splendid mountains await you and your partner in the heart of Bavaria, and charming sunsets over the tantalising Baltic sea will take your breath away

Escape the everyday life, just relax and unwind - more and more couples fulfill this wish and spend a romantic weekend for two, thus refreshing their relationship. More and more hotels are adapting to the wishes of their guests and offer a romantic spa stay with everything that goes with it.

Show your romantic side and treat your loved one to a weekend of candle-lit dinners, champagne bubble baths for two, sensual spa treatments and much more. From enchanting ice grottos to blossoming flower gardens, our romantic hotels in Germany provide the perfect backdrop for a couple's escape. Create memories together exploring a quaint, traditional spa town, or simply enjoy some alone time away from your hectic everyday lives in the comfort of our luxury resorts

Couples seeking a weekend of active leisure for two can take advantage of our exciting sport programmes and the extensive fitness and wellness facilities present in most of our hotels. 

With our high quality offers and all the best deals, SpaDreams can help you find the perfect place to whisk your loved one away for a romantic weekend at an affordable price.

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