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Thermal Spas Europe

A treasure chest of natural healing

Our Most Popular Thermal Spas in Europe

Treat, Prevent and Relax

Europe's vast and tranquil lakes, sprawling forests, majestic mountains and rich history of entwining cultures and knowledge make it the ideal destination for a Health & Wellness holiday. Home to an abundance of thermal spas, Europe offers many different, region-specific thermal spa treatments with unique healing properties.

Take a trip to Eastern Europe, where the famous thermal spas of Hungary await their guests with powerful treatments. Hévíz is home to the largest thermal lake in Europe where hot springs with a high concentration of radon and sulphur provide warm, mineral-rich water all year around. Sárvár  makes one of the best destinations for thermal beauty treatments, whilst Budapest enchants its guests with its exceptional treatments and fascinating culture.  Slovenia and Slovakia also offer a variety of wonderful treatments in stunning locations.

Our thermal spas in Europe are also scattered across Western Europe, from luxurious thermal spas surrounded by relics of history in France, to exclusive wellness hotels in Italy, that draw from the traditions of the Roman Thermal Spas. Authentic thermal spa treatments in Germany promise modern comfort and professional treatments.

Whether you're looking for a cure for a specific complaint, or simple relaxation and rejuvenation, our customer service team can help you find the perfect thermal spa in Europe for you!