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A stroll through the streets of Budapest will take you through a myriad of majestic buildings with architecture ranging from Baroque to art deco, over the languid river Danube and past an abundance of attractions. Outside the vibrant and mysterious capital city, tranquil lakeside retreats and vast forests await. Far more than just a tourist hub, Hungary is one of the world's best spa destinations, and ideal for a weight loss holiday.

Many spas in Hungary offer intensive detox and weight loss spa treatments tailored to suit the needs of those affected by the unhealthy habits and sedentary lifestyles that are an unfortunate side effect of modern day living. 

The health spas in Hungary often have on-site doctors and nutritionists who supervise weight loss treatments to ensure that they are safe and effective. The weight loss retreats in Hungary combine medical wellness, relaxing spa treatments and drinking of the healing mineral water along with a healthy diet to provide a comprehensive weight loss programme.

Spa treatments that firm and smooth the skin prone to loss of elasticity while losing weight are an important element of weight loss holidays in Hungary. Such spa treatments also have additional therapeutic effects and help you to cope with stress, which is often one of the reasons behind uncontrolled appetite and cravings. Some of our spa retreats in Hungary also offer professional fasting programmes inspired by the teachings of Dr Otto Buchinger – the pioneer of therapeutic fasting. 

With exclusive offers from SpaDreams, you can kick start your journey towards a new, healthier you at a cheap weight loss retreat in Hungary. Contact our expert customer service team to book.

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