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Nordic Walking

Take a step closer to nature

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Take a breath of fresh air with Nordic walking

From North Sea Beaches to the Tyrolean Alps, the Slovenian Adriatic coast to the Allgäu mountains, our Nordic walking holidays will allow you to explore spectacular locations and take a step closer to nature. Ideal for sports fans and those looking to keep fit or lose weight, particularly when combined with one of our slimming or fasting programmes.

Nordic walking has been proven to burn up to 46% more calories than normal walking. The use of poles means that more of the body is stimulated, toning the upper and lower body simultaneously and enhancing blood circulation. It also takes pressure off of joints, which makes it suitable for anyone elderly, or with physical injuries.

We offer packages designed for single travellers, groups and couples looking for a more active alternative to a romantic weekend. Our diverse range of packages can be adapted to suit all ability levels - whether you're a seasoned professional or a complete beginner, we can shape the perfect nordic walking package for you.

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