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Ayurvedic Detox

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Ayurvedic treatments are based on the principle that, in order to be restored to full health, the body must be cleansed from harmful substances i.e. external toxins and metabolic side products, which disrupt the basic body functions. Detoxification lies at the core of Panchakarma treatments – an individual cure which is especially recommended for those who suffer from the negative effects of sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet. 

Ayurvedic detox treatments begin with a consultation with an Ayurveda specialist, who will determine your type of constitution and create an individual detox treatment plan, specially tailored to suit your needs. You will be advised on what to eat, and all guests taking part in Ayurveda detox cures will receive different dishes. Usually a buffet style, will allow everybody to select the foods individually advised by the Ayurveda doctor. 

Whilst diet is an essential part of every Ayurvedic detox treatment, unlike many other detox treatments, Panchakarma goes far beyond nutrition. Yoga and meditation form a crucial part of the holistic cure, in addition to individually prescribed cosmetic treatments with use of natural remedies such as herbs and essential oils tailored to suit your constitution type. Our ayurvedic detox treatments are available in India and Sri Lanka, as well as in Europe.

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