Ayurveda for Covid – Strengthen your natural immunity with these 6 recommendations

Corona is on everyone’s minds and still dominates much of our everyday lives. The infectious disease, triggered by the Corona virus, is mainly transmitted by droplet infection. Current medical guidelines suggest that the best way to protect yourself is bykeeping your distance, frequently washing hands and wearing a mask in everyday life as well as getting a covid vaccine if possible. However, despite all precautionary measures, there is still no 100 percent protection against infection.

Nevertheless, as with all infections, a well-trained and strengthened immune system copes better with a corona disease and can help prevent the possible severe symptoms and side effects. You can strengthen your body’s natural defenses with an Ayurveda retreat for covid, especially if you are prone to infections. However, Ayurveda for covid not only helps to stabilize your physical condition, but also explicitly tends to your mental wellbeing during therapy. The mental toll that the pandemic has taken on our wellbing is not to be underestimated, triggered by lockdown restrictions, contact prohibitions or ordered home office. Ayurveda against Corona includes a holistic cleansing system for body, mind and soul and a retreat of several weeks creates the best conditions to help prevent severe outcomes of the illness.

Ayurveda for a healthy immune system

Strengthening your immunity with Ayurveda for Covid

The origin of this virus and the reasons why some people suffer more severely than others are not yet clear. Nevertheless, doctors worldwide agree that people with a strong immune system and a healthy lifestyle can positively influence the course and the consequences of a corona infection.

An Ayurveda retreat against covid aims to create the basis for establishing your health balance and maintaining it for the long term. At the beginning of this type of therapy, your doshas will be determined by an Ayurveda physician, because the determination of the constitution is the core of the Ayurvedic healing and life science. Each person is unique and has a different profile, which is described by the three doshas.

The doshas named in detail Vata, Pitta and Kapha, control your body and based on this determination your health imbalance is determined. This forms the basis of your Ayurveda post-covid treatment; an individual therapy is put together for you, which is overseen by your Ayurveda doctor or therapist. With this individualized diagnosis in mind, a dietary, exercise and wellness plan will be created and used during your therapy.

Ayurveda and yoga to improve immunity

Ayurveda against Corona in conjunction with conventional medicine

A healthy body is necessary for overall good immunity, as well as in the fight against viral diseases. In contrast to modern medicine where a diseases is treated only after it has ocurred, Ayurveda focuses on the prevention and stabilization of your health. In the case of a Covid-19 infection, the Indian art of healing, which is recognized by the WHO, and Western conventional medicine, should work hand in hand to successfully combat the virus.

Complementary medicine: Ayurveda and conventional medicine

According to Ayurveda, diet is one of the three pillars of health. The daily consumption of spices, vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C are essential for building the immune system. Purificiation using various methods of elimination, is part of an Ayurveda retreat, as a healthy digestive system contributes to a strong immune system. Lifestyle also plays an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system. This includes regular exercise in the fresh air as well as a good night’s sleep, since sleep is an essential phase of cleansing and regeneration for the body and mind.

There are numerous studies on the effectiveness of Ayurveda in building the body’s defenses and preventing viral diseases. An American study from 2009, “Ayurveda and Panchakarma: Measuring the Effects of a Holistic Health Intervention“, confirmed the effectiveness of a Panchakarma therapy to strengthen the immune system. With subsequent changes in certain behaviors and small lifestyle changes, the subjects achieved an increase in immunity. Depressive moods also decreased.

6 Ayurvedic recommendations to strengthen your immune system and help prevent corona with Ayurveda

1. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and veggies.

Fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins, fiber and minerals that are indispensable for a healthy diet. Recommended are 2 servings of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables a day. The measure of a serving is approximately a handful.

2. Drink plenty of liquids.

In general, it is recommended that adults should drink 1.5 liters of fluid per day. During hot weather or physical activity, this should be increased. Water is best, preferably non-carbonated, as well as unsweetened herbal and fruit teas. Start your day Ayurvedically; drink a large glass of warm water with fresh lemon directly after getting up. This will stimulate your metabolism and reduce the acidity in your body.

3. Exercise daily.

Small changes can work wonders. Even minimal movements strengthen the cardiovascular system, increase muscle and burn calories.

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Take a short walk during your lunch break.
  • Ride your bike instead of your car for shorter distances.
  • Get off the bus one stop early and walk the rest of the way.

4. Maintain a healthy weight.

Many studies have shown that severe obesity seems to be one of the risk factors that promote serious COVID-19 illness. Fat hormones cause inflammation to develop. However, these small pockets of inflammation are poison to your immune system and leaves you vulnerable to viruses and pathogens. Being overweight makes the immune system permanently active and therefore it is permanently under stress and weakened.

5. Rid your diet of any convenience or fast food.

Ready-made meals are convenient. But that’s all they are. They contain flavors, flavor enhancers, acidifiers, stabilizers, emulsifiers and many other unhealthy additives that not only don’t give your body the nutrients it needs, but also make it sick.
Studies have shown that fast food, which is high in fat and sugar, not only makes you physically sick, but after just three days it affects your brain just as a bacterial infection does. In addition, health expert Lina Begdache, of the Binghamton University in the US state of New York, has found out, anyone who prefers to eat fatty meals, also damages their mental well-being. The reason for this are the trans-fats, which can trigger for depression or anxiety.

6. Get regular and restful sleep.

Sleep strengthens your immune system and during the time in which you sleep, your body and mind regenerate. But to do this, you should go to sleep and get up again at the same time every day if possible. Even on the weekends!

Incorporate an Ayurvedic sleep routine into your life, starting with a hot shower before bed. This calms your body and lets you “wash off” your daily stress. Afterwards, you can have a gentle yoga or meditation session. This will bring you peace of mind. Don’t spend time on TV, computer, phone, or smart devices for at least an hour before sleep.

Drink a calming tea made from lemon balm or fennel seeds before bed.

Soothing lemon balm tea

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