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5 Covid19 travel tips for your next holiday

Now, more than ever, we are ready to travel again. But there is one thing we have learned this year: travel takes a little more preparation than before. The governments and travel industry are optimistic that things will return to normal in the near future. Still, we’re all rightfully cautious[...]
top towns to visit in lake garda with spadreams, cover photo

Lake Garda: Top Towns & Sights You Can’t Miss

  At the start of August this year, one of our team spent 6 days exploring Lake Garda. Read on to discover her personal experience of this beautiful north Italian lake, and learn about the top towns and sights in Lake Garda that you should not miss. In August 2018, my school friend Ali and[...]

8 Unbelievably Beautiful Forests in Germany You Have to Visit

Have you ever found yourself amongst the calm stillness of the forest? With dappled sunlight shining on your skin and the scent of wild garlic, damp moss and primroses… It’s like medicine for the soul, a few hours spent in the woods. Perhaps it’s no wonder that researchers have shown the many[...]
Beautiful destinations in Slovenia

7 Beautiful Destinations in Slovenia That Your Eyes Won’t Believe

Take a trip to Slovenia this summer to avoid the stifling heat of mainstream destinations and cool off in mountain air, luscious forests and blue waters. From the Adriatic Sea to Slovenia’s lakes and rivers, if there’s any blue around here, it tends to be azure, clear and sparkling in[...]
3 best spring break destinations

3 Best Spring Break Destinations

3 Best Spring Break Destinations The winter is finally over, hoorah! Days are getting longer, blossom is budding on the trees, BBQs are sizzling on the horizon and most importantly, so are your May holiday plans! A season of fresh starts and rebirth when optimism finally overcomes the icy moods[...]
The Monastery in ancient city of Petra, Jordan

Visit Petra – The Rose City of Jordan

????? ????? – ??? ???? ???? ?? ?????? Visiting Petra and its surrounding Wadi Rum desert is an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Petra, originally known as Ramqu in ancient times, is a historical city located in Jordan’s south western desert. Read on to learn a brief history of[...]
India's Holi Festival

Holi – India’s Festival of Colours

... what about the authentic Holi festival as celebrated it in its country of origin, India – how much do we know about that? Since it takes place in just a couple of days we’re taking the opportunity to learn a bit more about what gives rise to this beautiful, centuries-old tradition and where[...]

Valentine’s day: A love letter to travelling solo…

On a day when all the world’s attention suddenly seems to focus on couples, we’d like to give the stage to another type of love as equally close to our hearts: solo travel. For all its challenges and suprises, it really is an amazing experience and today we are going to sing its praises. No[...]
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