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Single Travel: Our 4 Tips for Going Solo

Sooner or later, the question arises whether or not you should travel alone. On the one hand, you are probably attracted by the great freedom, the special time only for yourself and the fulfillment of personal dreams, which represents such journey, but you may also have some concerns and are unsure[...]
10 Things about Austria

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Austria

So close yet so far away! Austria is a popular travel destination for the Brits. It offers stunning sceneries of rare beauty. We here at SpaDreams have gathered the most favorable facts that make it even possible for fans of the Alps to experience something new. 1. Luxury hotels: Austria can boast[...]
Karlovy Vary

Wellness Destination: the spa town of Karlovy Vary

It is true that we tend to pick southern destinations for our holidays, without really paying attention to the possibilities for relaxing holidays in Central or Northern Europe. Yet these regions, sometimes very close to home, offer the opportunity to spend an unforgettable relaxing time away from[...]

Visit Tenerife: What to do to

Have you always dreamed of traveling to Tenerife? Indeed, the sun, the sea, the food, the Spanish rhythm and the happiness of the locals make the island an extremely attractive destination at any time of the year. Whether you want to enjoy a summer holiday in this dreamy place and the many outdoor[...]
Lake Constance View

Explore Lake Constance

Situated at the northern foot of the Alps in the Allgäu mountain region and spread across Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Lake Constance (Bodensee in German) is one of Europe’s largest lakes and offers numerous activities both along the shoreline and on the water. Located less than an hour by[...]

Packing your suitcase? Pack smart to save space!

When you’re heading off for a wellness holiday or to start a cure, your journey begins with packing your suitcase in the days or weeks before you set off. You’ll often find that not everything you want to bring will fit, but with a few tricks it’s easier to pack the important bits and[...]

The best time for a holiday to the Maldives

It’s not just the blend of cultures, but also the heavenly beaches, deep blue sea and balmy climate that make the Maldives one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. The archipelago in the Indian Ocean, around 280 miles southwest of the Indian subcontinent, is made up of 26 atolls and[...]

Jet lag – 5 best tips for travellers from Europe

The so-called “time zone hangover”, better known as jet lag, describes a phenomenon which can occur by flying over several time zones. This unpleasant hangover is dreaded above all by regular long distance flyers, because it can cause symptoms such as tiredness or even sleep disorders. The time[...]

SpaDreams Guides

Thinking of our clients interested in health & wellness, we have done research on the most interesting and popular themes related to the holidays offered by SpaDreams. Now, before you go on holiday with us you can download a free brief guide with all the information you need. Learn more about[...]
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