Packing your suitcase? Pack smart to save space!

When you’re heading off for a wellness holiday or to start a cure, your journey begins with packing your suitcase in the days or weeks before you set off. You’ll often find that not everything you want to bring will fit, but with a few tricks it’s easier to pack the important bits and not have to hunt for them later at the hotel.

Don’t fold clothes, roll them

T-shirts, jumpers, towels and trousers shouldn’t be folded but rolled. It saves space and makes packing more precise. Lay the piece of clothing on a piece of cardboard, roll it up and load the suitcase with the clothes. Rolling creates fewer creases and the clothing can be unpacked more easily in the hotel later on, without much rearranging. It’s important to fasten all buttons and zips so they can be rolled or folded more easily. Robust items, such as tracksuit tops, should be laid with the front side down, folded once in the middle and rolled from bottom to top. Lay trousers with one leg on top of the other, so that back pockets face upwards, then roll them from bottom to top.

Tissue paper prevents creases when packing your suitcase

If you want to bring a sports jacket or formal clothing, stuff the sleeves with tissue paper, which prevents creases. Another tip is to roll suit trousers in tissue paper, as the thin paper also stops undesired creases in the fine material. Thin cardboard sheets keep shirts’ shape, but it’s important to make sure that the cardboard sits flush with the collar. To avoid creases in accessories such as ties and silk scarves, wrap them around a tote bag or a large, rolled-up napkin.

Small bags are useful for shoes and liquids

For health and wellness travel, you will often need different shoes: trainers for indoor sports, robust shoes for walking in the countryside and sandals for swimming or wet areas. Pack each shoe in its own bag– this separates shoes and laundry, keeping the rest of the suitcase clean and making individual packing easier. Storing liquids in bags is not only required at the airport, but also makes sense when travelling. Creams, shower gels and other products should be divided up into different bags to protect your suitcase from unwanted leaks!

Plan then pack

Firstly, gather your clothes and then pack. To avoid both – an uncoordinated approach to packing and forgetting anything, it’s helpful to look through cupboards and drawers for items you wish to take with you. Spread them across the bed, so you can pack them systematically into your case. Now it’s time to sort them. Heavy items, including sponge bags, books and bottles, should be placed at the bottom of the suitcase. Then arrange your towels and clothes on top and pack your small items such as wash things that you can stuff in the corners. Socks and underwear should be packed last, to fill the small gaps in the suitcase.

Have fun with packing your suitcase and enjoy your relaxing holiday! You can get your dream holiday off to a good start with a perfectly packed suitcase!

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