Healthy Holidays

Ayurveda for psoriasis – 7 holistic tips for healthier skin

Psoriasis, also known as psoriasis, is one of the most serious skin diseases in the world. Typical symptoms of the condition, such as itching and constant scaling of the skin, are in itself already very distressing for patients. The extensive and clearly visible skin irritations also often mean a[...]
Fasting for Rheumatoid Arthritis

8 Best Rheumatoid Arthritis Fasting Programmes in Europe

Recent research has shown that switching to an alkaline or vegetarian diet and undertaking periods of fasting significantly helps to improve rheumatoid arthritis. Perhaps you have read about this and are wondering whether to try fasting yourself? But the prospect of a week or longer at home without[...]
4 DIY Vegan Facemasks for Naturally Nourished Skin

4 DIY Facemasks for Naturally Nourished Skin – Wellness Wednesday

Often we simply head to the beauty isle at the supermarket to get products that are supposed to protect and heal our skin. But the problem is, when you read the ingredients of these products, you’re lucky if you know what even ¼ of them are, and the pretty product names tend to mask the[...]
Alternative physiotherapy thalassotherapy with SpaDreams

Top Alternative Physiotherapy and Healing: The Power of Thalasso

Why do a thalassotherapy programme? Even in antiquity, the philosopher Euripides declared “the sea doth wash away all human ills”. But while it’s still wise to listen to the ancients, some deeper information could be useful, so let’s consider how the sea “washes away ills” in a little[...]
key facts on vitamin D and the best ways to absorb it

10 Key Facts on Vitamin D and the Best Ways to Absorb It

  It’s no wonder that civilisations have been worshipping the sun for millennia. Indeed, an afternoon spent basking in the sun rivals even the most luxurious therapy session. Not only is it important for plant life and the climate, but also for the inner workings of the human body as it[...]

The Top 6 Weight Loss Retreats That Will Change Your Life

Looking for a way of losing weight that is much healthier, more effective, longer lasting and more relaxing than dieting alone? Read on to discover 6 of the best weight loss retreats in Europe and Asia, where weight loss methods range from Ayurvedic cuisine and fasting to yoga and fitness training.[...]
Woman running at sunset

Slim in 2018: The 5 Best Weight Loss Retreats

Christmas has left its mark once again? You started noticing that your hips have grown and you are waiting to be active again? Especially after the holidays, it is still cold and gloomy outside, making it difficult to break the usual pattern. The temptations of everyday life – are just[...]
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