Ayurveda Fast Food – Quick and Easy Dinner

Ayurvedic Fast Food – Quick and Easy Dinner Delicious Ayurvedic food does not have to be complicated or take ages to prepare! Two head Ayurvedic chefs at some of our most esteemed hotels have put together some easy recipes for you to whip up in your kitchen so that you can continue to enjoy[...]
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Masala Rice – Authentic Ayurveda Recipes

Ayurveda rice recipe: Masala Rice Are you a rice lover? If so, “Masala Rice” is an Ayurvedic recipe you have to try. A richly spiced rice dish with creamy cashews and coconut are balanced by refreshing coriander and courgette, making it a delicious and aromatic alternative to the most[...]
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Vegan Pumpkin Curry – Authentic Ayurveda Recipes

Vegan Pumpkin Curry – Ayurvedic Recipe from Chef Ypsylon Resort Food is an important part of our life, and, as you well know, we are what we eat. Maintaining the harmony between body and soul involves a great deal of attention paid to what we eat. Ayurvedic cuisine meets these natural needs[...]
7 Reasons Why Holidaying in Sri Lanka Saves You Money - SpaDreams

7 Reasons Why Holidaying in Sri Lanka Saves You Money

As the winter months start to roll in, many of us start to consider holidaying in destinations a little warmer, in Mallorca, southern Italy, Turkey and so on. But many of us don’t realise that a holiday in somewhere as far away as Sri Lanka can give you better value for money and a cheaper[...]
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Pitta Dosha: 5 Diet Tips for a Healthy Life

After taking our Dosha quiz, you’ve found out that your dominant dosha is Pitta and you’d like to know how to eat in a way that balances out your energy flows. If you feel heavy, sleepy and have difficulty concentrating, then your body is giving you clear and obvious signals: your diet and[...]
Kapha diet tips spadreams

Kapha Dosha: 5 Tips for a Healthy Life

Chill, happy and relaxed – when Kapha people are in balance these are the characteristics gleaming from their eyes. The Kapha dosha is made up of earth and water elements, which add stability, calmness, tolerance and security to the personality of the individual. The kapha body type is normally[...]
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Top 5 Asian Yoga Retreats with Ayurveda

  What good is yoga if you aren’t eating a healthy diet? Well, probably still quite good, but if your diet could do nutritionally what yoga is doing physically, then you’d be both better at yoga and healthier all round. That’s why our Asian yoga retreats all include yoga’s[...]

Wellness Wednesday – Vata Dosha: 5 Diet Tips for a Healthy Life

After finding out your dosha with our quiz, how do you make sure to keep your dosha levels in balance? Read on to learn about 5 key diet tips for those with predominantly vata dosha. Creative, light-as-a-feather and dynamic: vata personalities are influenced by the vital energy of the air. This[...]

The Links Between Yoga and Ayurveda

Yoga’s Secret Sister Teaching that No-one Talks About Even though many of us practise yoga, few of us have heard of Ayurveda – a system of holistic healing and sattvic food that originated in the same place and era as yoga – the Indus Valley Civilisation in c. 2600 – c. 1900 BCE,[...]
Ayurveda in monsoons image of flowers in the rain

Ayurveda in the Monsoons: 5 Key Benefits

  Throughout the Monsoon: Ayurveda in India If you want to avoid one thing on your trip to South India, then it’s probably the rain. This exotic holiday destinations, like Sri Lanka and other south asian destinations, are most popular between October and May as people prefer to avoid the[...]
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