Healthy Holidays

I need a getaway – the new enthusiasm for hiking

Getting back to basics: Hiking to restore health The hectic pace of everyday life awakens a longing for a break, a closer connection with nature and a healthier lifestyle. Hiking is the optimal activity for this as it strengthens the immune system, stimulates the metabolism, reduces stress and[...]

4 things most people don’t know about fasting

Fasting has become popular. It is now accepted medical knowledge that fasting can rejuvenate and renew the body, mind, and soul. Going without food and beverages serves as a spring cleaning of within. It regenerates your metabolism, and the intestines are detoxified and cleared out of dead cell[...]

The five best weight loss hotels

It is never too late for a weight-loss holiday and if you haven’t managed to find time for it before the beach season, it is not a bad idea to book it now, at the warmest time of the year when the weather encourages to go for light snacks and lots of water instead of[...]

5 most interesting fasting ideas in Germany

Summer is a really good season for fasting holidays as at this time we are less likely to have a need for heavy meals, we like so much in Winter. It is natural that in Summer, we drink more water and juices, therefore fasting in this season is not as unpleasant as it might be[...]
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