Fasting methods: The most effective & popular fasting programmes in Europe

Fasting the body is now seen as a worldwide experience, due to its popularity blowups! The best fasting programs are not the ones where you completely cut out all food & drinks, but just the consumption of them and the specific areas of solids & liquids. In this we will not be including religious fasting, we are fully focusing on health benefits and why such a high percentage of people in Europe decide fasting is the best way to lose weight!

The changes that happen in the body during a fast depend on the length of the continuous fast. The body enters into a fasting state eight hours or so after the last meal, when the gut finishes absorbing nutrients from the food.

Remember: A balance of certain food and fluid intake is important with fasting. The kidneys are very efficient at maintaining the body’s water and salts, such as sodium and potassium.

Dr Buchinger Fasting system:

Dr Buchinger was a doctor & pioneer of medical fasting, born in Germany! He had a very holistic approach to fasting, connecting the mind & body  to create his therapeutic fasting. He combined traditional fasting with integrative medicine, which would aim to help personal development for well-being and prevent illnesses. The main aspects he tried to prevent were as followed: Obesity, Stress, Illness, High blood pressure & lack of exercise.

Buchinger fasting forms of mostly juices & vegetables with the duration completely depending on the client, as you start seeing results from 7 days onwards, but is massively effective if taken for more than 2 weeks!

Schroth Fasting Cure:

Johann Schroth developed the fasting method called Schroth Cure, also specialised in Europe being born and tailored his development in Austria. This is now a recognised naturopathic treatment which aims to completely cleanse the body by weight-loss and detoxing the body whilst regenerating the mind! A point to remember about this cure is that every individual is different, it will be triggered to suit your needs, so its tailored to every individual making it more of an effective cure.

The elements in a Schroth Fasting Cure are as followed: Body wraps for the stimulated body, the fasting diet, regulated fluid intake and finally exercise, rest & relaxation. All these are the perfect combination to perform an effective fasting programme. This cure can officially break the cycle where you lose weight from a diet and almost put it back on right away!

F.X. Mayr Fasting Cure:

Another doctor that specialised in treatments called Franz Xaver Mayr also from Austria, hence fasting & cleansing is widely popular & known in Europe. Enjoy a new sensation of cleansing the body through fasting, by following a strict daily routine both eating & relaxation techniques. The major concepts are: Training, cleansing and respite. With the main goal obviously being one’s health through digestive fasting and cleansing.

The main focus from Mayr was the fact that no-one’s digestive system/body was cleansed and that diseases and unhealthy factors arose from the gut so by fasting and cleansing it you would improve all manors off your health both holistic & physically.

KNEIPP Fasting & Fruit Fasting

The Kneipp Fasting Cure is another one discovered in Germany by Father Sebastian Kneipp. The cure is another holistic approach with active therapy where the programme should last around 3 weeks, so it can generate the most effective results. This process is based on 4 pillars: Exercise Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Nutritional Therapy, Balance Therapy.

This Fasting cure works but increasing the protein intake which weighs in around 800kcal per day along with beneficial health treatments. This is focused on protein intake and relaxation with health treatments, combining the holistic approach with the physical nutritional intake. This is why it’s one of the most popular Fasting programmes around Europe.

Lastly, Fruit Fasting can be found in most places around the world, including Asia, America and Africa. It’s such a broadly know fasting mechanism, but also an effective one which is very tasty. To improve your well-being, weight-loss, metabolism and your immune-system. This is a good starting point for anyone who has never been on a fasting programme before, this is a great starting point because it’s not as intense as others.

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