Fasting in Europe

Fasting in Europe

Effective Fasting Holidays for Health and Wellness

Purify Your Body in Europe

Unfortunately, most people find it easier to gain excess weight rather than lose it. Our fasting programmes in Europe can have a huge impact on your weight loss journey and help you to achieve your dream body.

During a fast your calorie intake is reduced dramatically and sometimes food is omitted altogether. A large amount of water and special fasting teas are consumed throughout the fast to keep you hydrated and energised and to help flush out toxins. As well as resulting in weight loss, the detoxing effect of fasting will leave with a healthier body and a healthier mind.

SpaDreams offers a wide variety of fasting programmes across the world, with several popular destinations in Europe. Germany, where the Schroth, Buchinger and F.X Mayr fasting methods were all developed, is widely considered to be the motherland of fasting, and is home to many of our best fasting hotels and clinic. The stunning landscapes of Hungary and Slovenia also offer an idyllic backdrop for your fasting holiday in Europe, or those desiring a warmer climate can undertake fasting programmes in sunny Spain or Portugal.   

Let us help you to find the perfect destination for fasting, at the best possible price! 

Our Most Popular Hotels for Fasting in Europe

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