Fasting Week

Fasting for 7 days with SpaDreams

5 to 7 days of fasting to heal

Fasting not only detoxifies body and mind, but also counteracts or can prevent diseases. With a fasting week in our dream hotels you can support your health while at the same time spend a great holiday far away from everyday life. You can also lose a little weight along the way.

Enjoy your fasting week!

One week fasting in our most beautiful fasting hotels

Here's how it works

A full stomach drains energy from the body, we all know that. During fasting, however, the digestive processes are largely shut down and energy is drawn from our reserves. On the one hand, our organs are relieved and the body is cleansed from the inside, on the other hand, you will also work on these fat pads.

Which fasting therapy is suitable for a week of fasting?

If you have decided on a one-week fasting therapy with SpaDreams, there is still the question of the right therapy.

Most fasting methods can be carried out well during a fasting week. This is the perfect time to get to know the appropriate therapy and already experience first successes. You will also take home valuable tips and be able to apply one or two of them to your everyday life.

Popular fasting methods that are suitable for your fasting week are:

Alkaline Fasting

Alkaline fasting is a very gentle fasting technique. During the fasting week, everything that forms acids in the body, i.e. sugar, highly processed foods or stress, is avoided. Apart from the change in what ends up on your plate (lots of vegetables, fruit, soups, salads, etc.), there are no restrictions and you will not even have to go hungry. This is one of the best advantages of an alkaline fasting therapy.


korb voller basischer lebensmittel



Buchinger fasting therapy

Buchinger fasting is the classic among fasting therapies. During your 7-day fasting with Buchinger, you will consume only liquid food: Only vegetable broth, juices and teas are on the menu. The therapy purifies the intestines and stimulates the body's self-healing powers. Moderate physical activities support the process and ensure well-being on a holistic level.

The Schroth method

During your one week of fasting with the Schroth method, the self-healing powers of the body should also be reactivated. This method is based on four pillars: a vegetarian reduction diet, Schroth's packs that stimulate the body to sweat, the alternation of drinking, and drying days and the alternation of movement and rest. The classic Schroth method lasts 7 days, which is why it can be optimally carried out during a fasting week.



frau trinkt wasser



F.X. Mayr

The F.X. Mayr therapy, which may be known as a milk-bread diet for some, aims at a sustainable intestinal rehabilitation. It’s particularly suitable for those who don’t want to give up food 100% during their 7-day fasting. The concepts of protection, cleansing, training, and substitution play a central role. The F.X. Mayr therapy can be tested within the framework of a fasting week, but a longer period is also recommended in order to achieve optimum success.

Intermittent Fasting

With intermittent fasting, or even intermittent fasting, fasting is done by the day or by the hour, depending on the method. Popular variants are the 16:8 method, where you eat 8 hours a day (for example from 10 am to 6 pm) and then fast for 16 hours, as well as the 5:2 diet, where you eat "normally" on 5 days of the week and reduced on 2 days. Interval fasting has the advantage that the motivation to persevere remains high, as the fasting periods are manageable and the body adjusts well to the change during a fasting week.



Detox Day


Ayurvedische Kräuter und Öle

Fasting in the context of Ayurveda

If you have always wanted to try Ayurveda, a fasting week in Ayurvedic is the right thing for you! Aromatic herbs, healing spices and relaxing massages are part of your Ayurvedic fasting week. The great thing is that all Ayurveda treatments aim at a holistic improvement of health and involve the spirit equally in the programme. This way you learn to switch off during meditation or yoga and hunger is forgotten.

Fasting Hiking

Nature lovers and active holidaymakers can do twice as much for their health during fasting hiking. Combine your individual fasting trip with many hiking tours in idyllic places and let your soul really dangle with relaxed movement. Already after 5 days of fasting with regular hiking you will feel like newborn.




Create your own fasting week with SpaDreams

Your fasting week at the hotel

It is best to choose a quiet time for your fasting week, when you can clear your head and don't have to worry about work for example. Your fasting week in our fasting hotels begins with a day of relief, followed by five fasting days and then in most cases two set-up days. Depending on the type of therapy, there may be slight variations in the fasting plan.

A broad exercise programme. Qi Gong, Yoga, mediation, light walks or relaxed cycling will perfectly complement your fasting week. You will be accompanied by like-minded people, which makes it easier to give up and you can exchange your experiences if necessary.

A decisive advantage of a fasting week with SpaDreams is that you will be pampered in the hotel. If you ever reach your limits, a warm bath in the evening, a relaxing massage after the exercise session or a beauty treatment will provide you with soothing compensation. Many treatments that support detoxification, such as liver wraps, are also professionally carried out during a fasting week at one of our fasting hotels.

Fasting hotels in Germany

For your fasting week under professional guidance you do not need to travel far. Many of our hotels in Germany are specialised in the topic of fasting and leave no wish unheard - even when it comes to Ayurvedic fasting. Let yourself be inspired and book a fasting therapy that suits you best.

Fasting week in Bavaria

No matter whether it's a fasting therapy based on alkaline fasting, therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger or Schroth therapy, your fasting holiday in Bavaria will certainly be an unforgettable experience in impressively beautiful nature. Some of our hotels are located at the foot of beautiful hiking regions. So you can combine your fasting stay with a break in nature.

Fasting week in the Black Forest

The Black Forest is Germany's highest low mountain range. Here you can not only walk through the dense forests during your fasting therapy, but also explore picturesque villages that will quickly make you forget your hunger. In our hotels in the Black Forest you can expect a varied range of exercise, consisting of yoga or various hiking possibilities. You will also enjoy bio-wellness-vital cuisine and generous wellness offers.

Fasting week on the North and Baltic Sea

The German North and Baltic Seas are also popular destinations for a week of fasting. Here you can pass the time between nutritional advice and a Yoga course accompanying the fasting with a leisurely walk along the beach and supply your lungs with fresh sea energy. Our fasting hotels on the coast also offer excursions to beautiful places nearby.

Fasting week in Central Germany

Central Germany also spoils visitors with its fantastic landscape. Our hotels in Bad Salzschlirf, Bad Brückenau, Bad Kissingen or Bad Bocklet are located in the Rhön triangle. Here not only Hesse, Thuringia and Bavaria meet, but also unique biotopes, enchanted moorland and idyllic river valleys. You can detox, kneipp and gather new strength here in a wonderful location.

The Volcanic Eifel also fascinates many visitors and fasting holidaymakers with its enticing combination of nature, wellness and culinary delights.

Fasting for 7 Days - Our most popular fasting destinations worldwide

FAQ - Fasting week

What is the benefit of a fastng week?

After a week of fasting you will feel proud, fitter and more relaxed. It has been proven that fasting not only has positive effects on the body, but also on our mind. During a fast, serotonin is released which is known to make you feel happy and more balanced. Through regular fasting, the psyche, which is unbalanced by stress, can be brought back into balance as well.

Will I lose weight during a fasting week?

Yes, because of the reduced food intake it is very likely that you will lose a few pounds. However, this should not be your initial goal for the therapy, but you can see the weight loss as a nice side effect. If you want to lose weight and be healthy in the long term, you should also aim for a healthy lifestyle in the long term.

Who may and who may not fast?

Even when fasting, there are some contraindications that define who is not allowed to fast. These include diseases such as cancer, heart disease or diabetes type I, as well as eating disorders and serious mental illnesses. In case of mental exhaustion, such as mild depression or burn-out, a fasting therapy is very well suited and can provide relief. Some people also swear by therapeutic fasting for chronic illnesses such as allergies, asthma or neurodermatitis. Pregnant or breastfeeding women are not allowed to fast and neither are children.

What are the advantages of a fasting week at a hotel?

Basically, a healthy person has nothing against a few fasting days at home. But the advantage of our hotels is that the therapies are carried out under professional fasting supervision. Especially for newcomers this is a great opportunity to learn a lot about health and nutrition. In addition, the motivation among like-minded people and with a fasting leader is simply greater than alone at home.

Do I have to prepare myself for the fasting week?

We recommend avoiding animal products, alcohol and if possible, also coffee 2-3 days before and after the fasting week. In our fasting hotels there are also relief and build-up days, but especially if you otherwise have an unhealthier lifestyle, you should prepare 2-3 extra relief days in order to slowly bring the body closer to the fasting week to simply not overtax it.