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Regenerate with the Alkaline Diet

You would like to do a fasting diet to free your body from toxins and to feel fitter again, but you don’t want to starve yourself in the process? We have good news for you! Fasting does not always have to mean complete abstinence from food; there are a few fasting methods with which you won’t go hungry, one of them being the alkaline diet, also known by some as alkaline fasting. Another plus point: this alkaline diet plan is, in general, suitable for everyone. Find out everything you need to know for your next alkaline fasting holiday!

Fasting without Feeling Hungry

During the alkaline fast in our hotels you will eat plenty of food! This type of detox or cleansing treatment is not about eating as little as possible or only drinking liquids, but about eating the right things. A diet plan typically includes several meals a day, mainly consisting of fresh vegetables, healthy herbs, vitamin-rich fruit, seeds or nuts. Almost everything that is natural, vegetable and unprocessed, i.e. without additives, is allowed on the plate. To eat alkaline food for a while is therefore by no means one-sided - but rather varied and colourful!



Basenfasten, Detox, Obst und Gemüse

Forbidden Foods – The Alkaline Diet Meal Plan

When you are planning your alkaline diet menu, you will have avoid many ingredients found in typical meals and recipes. All foods that create an acidity in the body are strictly prohibited. Misleadingly, it is not sour tasting foods that are excluded from the alkaline diet, such as lemons that produce acid, but rather refined sugar or dairy products. You will not find any of these foods during your acid-alkaline therapy at one of our alkaline fasting hotels:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Milk products
  • Grain products (white flour products)
  • Legumes
  • Sugar
  • Coffee
  • Alcohol



Milch und Brötchen

A Typical Alkaline Breakfast

As is well known, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! And for a really substantial breakfast, we look forward to toast, eggs, bacon, black pudding, sausage, cheese, jam, yoghurt, cereal and of course a few cups of coffee with milk and sugar should not be missing! Or are they really needed for a hearty breakfast?  

As you may have noticed, none of the above-mentioned breakfast classics are alkaline diet foods. However, with a few little tricks, the alkaline diet menu doesn’t have to be boring and you can conjure up a delicious breakfast that will still be the highlight of your day. In the hotels, muesli alternatives are served, made of almond flakes with nuts and fruit. Millet, amaranth or quinoa are also okay in small amounts. Depending on what you like, you can add almonds, coconut flakes, sunflower seeds or similar and a lot of fresh, colourful fruit. If you decide on a fasting holiday at Wacker, you will enjoy Wacker muesli: germinated muesli rich in minerals. In addition, freshly squeezed fruit juices and smoothies play a major role in alkaline fasting and provide energy for a strong start to the day. Dried fruit such as dates or figs also have a strong alkaline effect and can be mixed in muesli or shakes. Another classic among the alkaline diet foods is chia pudding, which can be prepared in a variety of ways.


basenfasten frühstück
basenfasten frühstück


frau mit kopfschmerzen
tee als teil des basenfastens

The Acid Alkaline Balance and Our Health

But what does the acid-base balance have to do with our health? Our body is always trying to maintain the balance between acidic and alkaline fluids in our body. In the best-case scenario, it uses alkaline minerals, which we supply through our diet. Through unhealthy nutrition and even through too much stress, however, we put unnecessary strain on our body, preventing it from breaking down harmful substances properly. Heartburn, digestive problems, skin and connective tissue problems ensue; a weakened immune system and permanent fatigue can be the long-term consequences.

If we want to support the detoxification of our body, we should supply it with many minerals and secondary plant substances through a balanced and natural diet.

The alkaline diet, which is free of pathogenic substances, also helps your intestines rest a little - and this is the central organ for our health.

Alkaline Diet Benefits for Your Weight Loss Journey

Although the primary goal of an alkaline diet is to rebalance the pH in your body, many people also use it as a weight loss programme. If you are one of the many of us who have succumbed to the conveniences foods of our modern culinary world, laden with sugar, salt, fat, and other highly processed ingredients, it is likely that you will benefit from this diet and experience healthy weight loss, simply by removing those harmful ingredients. 

As mentioned before, the alkaline diet foods are all based on whole, natural foods, as close to their natural state as possible. Weight management is not always easy when you are surrounded by your vices, but an alkaline fasting holiday may just be the best option to kick-start your healthy lifestyle and make the basis of your diet fresh fruits and veggies! Let our hotels and experts convince you how delicious and easy it is to stay away from processed foods to keep those pounds off for good! Ask the nutrition specialists at the hotels to help you create a diet plan to take home, so that you can ensure this weight loss journey is a success!





Alkaline Fasting Therapy in a Hotel

So that you don’t have to fast alone and get the necessary support for your detox treatment, some of our hotels offer alkaline fasting stays. In the most idyllic regions of Germany and the nearby foreign countries, the alkaline diet hotels are especially good for fasting and for forgetting your day-to-day stress.

Fasting Hotels in Germany

In Germany there are many wonderful regions where you can do your fasting therapy under professional supervision of the hotel staff and fasting nutritionists.

One of them is the Rhön. Endless forests, charming villages and a total of more than 2500 kilometres of hiking and cycling trails await you in the Rhön Biosphere Reserve. In Bad Brückenau or Bad Salzschlirf you can experience alkaline fasting diets with high comfort of traditional health facilities in the midst of the stunning nature!

For those who prefer to be close to the coast, the best place to go is the North Sea. There you can treat your body to three good things at once: detox, daily yoga and the soothing, healing climate of the North Sea.

In southern Germany, too, there is plenty of variety in addition to the alkaline fasting. An extensive range of activities in nature (e.g. Nordic Walking, Qi Gong) stimulates the digestion and lets you forget everything else. Enjoy your dinner with a wonderful view of the Allgäu Alps or Lake Constance.

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die Rhön
Landscape views in the Rhön
Leuchtturm an der Nordsee
Lighthouse at the North Sea



Bad Hofgastein
Bad Hofgastein

Alkaline Fasting Offers in Europe

Even outside of Germany there are some great hotels that offer the alkaline diet.

In the Salzburger Land in Austria, at the foot of the Eastern Alps, you can fast to Wacker - and get to know the lively holiday resort of Bad Hofgastein with its many hiking trails and events. Similar programmes are available in Kitzbühel (Tyrol), as well as in South Tyrol just beyond the Italian border.

If you want to go a little further, then let us take you to Hungary. In the immediate vicinity of the thermal lake of Heviz, the alkaline acid treatment combined with an extensive outdoor programme and exciting additions such as city tours or cooking courses will be anything but boring.

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FAQ Alkaline Fasting

Can anyone start an alkaline diet?

For the most part, yes. The alkaline diet is suitable for every adult who wants to detox their body or prevent problems. Especially those who suffer from chronic digestive disorders, skin problems, allergies, migraines or rheumatism can benefit from an alkaline diet plan

Is an alkaline diet vegan friendly?

Absolutely! More and more people are turning to plant-based diets for a healthier lifestyle, and the alkaline diet is no exception. Don’t forget to mention that you are vegan when you are booking your veggie hotel, so that we can inform the hotel ahead of your arrival.

Which foods may I eat while doing an alkaline diet?

In addition to plenty of water and herbal tea, you eat all the foods that have an alkalizing effect. In other words:

  1. Almost all kinds of vegetables (including potatoes), herbs and salad
  2. All types of fruit (including dried fruit)
  3. Nuts
  4. Cold pressed oils (these belong to the neutral foods)

In addition, there should be about four hours between meals to allow the digestive system to recover.

How long should I do an alkaline diet?

The alkaline fast should be carried out for about one to two weeks, after which an alkaline surplus but not a purely alkaline diet is recommended, as there are also good acid-forming foods that contribute to a long-lasting healthy balance.

What are good acidifiers?

Good acidifiers include whole grain cereals, whole grain rice, whole grain bread, legumes, and similar. Although they should be avoided during the alkaline diet, they generally contribute to a healthy balance of alkaline and acid in the body and they should be reintegrated into the diet after the detox.

What are the advantages of an alkaline diet?

Probably the biggest plus is that you can eat your fill. This makes the diet easy to maintain and you can explore the most beautiful corners of your holiday destination without feeling weak. Your mood will also thank you. Another advantage is that you provide your body with all the important nutrients during this fasting method. Vitamins, minerals, enzymes and bioactive substances keep your cells and vessels fit. Integrate what you have learned into your everyday life once you return home and help prevent allergies and diseases of modern civilization. An alkaline diet also provides the basis for well-being and an overall better health.

What are the possible side effects of an alkaline diet?

Headaches, dizziness, weakness, tiredness, insomnia, unpleasant body odor, skin problems. These are typical side effects of fasting, which you fortunately don't have to fear with an alkaline diet, because you don't have to give up food completely from now on! Heavy coffee drinkers may initially experience headaches, but these should disappear very quickly after one or two days and at the latest after a walk in the fresh (land or sea) air.

Can an alkaline diet help me lose weight?

Weight loss is not the goal of an alkaline diet, but it can be a natural side effect. If you usually consume a lot of ready-made products and processed sugars, you are likely to lose weight during the diet at a fasting hotel, as the meals are comprised largely of fresh fruit and veggies. Basically, you usually supply your body with fewer calories than you need when doing an alkaline diet.

What can I expect at an alkaline diet hotel?

In our hotels you can expect alkaline full-board, as well as water and herbal tea to your heart's content, and a number of other programmes. Usually there are introductory and final talks as well as nutrition therapy with a fasting nutritionist to counsel you. In addition, the alkaline fasting hotels offer a varied daily exercise programme. Sometimes there are also alkaline baths, body wraps, peelings or detox massages. Of course, depending on what is on offer, you can also enjoy the hotel's wellness and fitness area or take part in yoga or Pilates courses.

Can I combine alkaline fasting and yoga holidays?

The stay at an alkaline diet hotel can be seamlessly combined with yoga. This way, body and mind get twice the relaxation. If you are interested in fasting and yoga, simply check in advance whether the fasting hotel of your choice offers yoga classes. At the North Sea, for example, there are suitable offers.

May I take my child with me on my alkaline diet holiday?

Children should not fast or participate in diets. However, if you would like to take your children with you on your fasting holiday, we would be happy to advise you on the choice of hotel so that you can diet in pace and the little ones can play without any worries!