Heilfasten nach Buchinger mit ärztlicher Betreuung

Buchinger Fasting

Healthy purification & detoxification

Buchinger Fast

Let yourself be whisked away into the world of fasting, where your body and soul are once again unified and you can let go of the burdens of everyday life! Our Buchinger fasting diets in selected fasting clinics not only ensure a greater sense of well-being, but also combat health problems and restore your body with renewed energy. In addition to pure therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger, our hotels also offer you beneficial massages, yoga and other treatments to ensure maximum well-being.


How the Buchinger Fast Works

Buchinger fasting belongs to the classic fasting regimen and is one of the most frequently used fasting methods. During this liquid fast, only vegetable broth, juices and teas are consumed. Solid food is not put on the plate. In addition, this method promotes intestinal cleansing by means of gentle laxative aids. Buchinger's fasting method is intended to activate the body's self-healing powers and counteract chronic inflammation.

In a special spa clinic you will be introduced to Buchinger fasting under the medical supervision of doctors and fasting nutritionists to learn how to cope and manage your therapeutic fast. Toxins and unnecessary ballast are flushed from the body with plenty of fluids. Detoxifying liver wraps as well as other supporting and relaxing treatments help increase the health benefits of fasting therapy.

The founder of this method of fasting, Otto Buchinger, who himself suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis, found relief from his illness through therapeutic fasting and opened the first fasting clinic in Germany in 1920. The Buchinger method is also known as the Original Therapeutic Fasting.



The Stages of Fasting

The Buchinger fasting regimen can be divided into three stages, all of which are equally important to the success of the treatment. These are the relief, the purification and the breaking of the fast phases.

Phase 1: Relief

According to Buchinger, fasting is initiated with the so-called days of relief. During this time, the diet is slowly changed to prepare the body for the coming food-free period. Alcohol, nicotine, coffee and sweets are taboo, but light food and sufficient liquid in the form of water, broth or tea accompany these days. Not only physically, but also mentally, the relief days should prepare for the actual fasting, in which stress and hectic pace are already removed from everyday life.

Phase 2: Purification

After a colon cleanse with the help of Glauber's salt and enemas, the approximately five-day fasting period begins. Over these days, about three litres of liquid per day are absorbed in the form of herbal teas with honey, vegetable broth, vegetable juices or mineral water. Buchinger therapeutic fasting is therefore a liquid fast. In the fasting hotels, care is taken to ensure that the body is provided with sufficient mineral nutrients despite not eating, which makes a decisive contribution to detoxification. During this phase, however, no more than 600 calories per day should be consumed.

Phase 3: Breaking the Fast

With the breaking of the fast on the last day of fasting, the time of conscious renunciation of solid food is ended by eating a ripe apple. In order to facilitate the transition to everyday life and not to overstrain the body, the following build-up days will continue to be accompanied by light food and a conscious eating behaviour. This also serves to slowly revive metabolic and digestive activities, as these have been put on the back burner for the past few days. In addition to continuing to do without indulgences, alternating showers, brush massages, Kneipp treatments, gentle exercise, relaxation exercises and rest are recommended. Stress should also continue to be avoided. After 5-6 days you can eat normally again - but in moderation. In order to ensure that the results of the Buchinger fasting regimen are maintained on the long-term, a well-balanced lifestyle including a healthy diet and exercise are particularly important.



The Framework of the Buchinger Fasting Method

Through physical cleansing and plenty of rest, the self-healing powers of the body are activated and the body switches from an emphasis on performance to an emphasis on regeneration. Nevertheless, Buchinger's fasting days should also be accompanied by moderate activities such as yoga, Qi-Gong, Tai Chi or Nordic Walking. This helps to maintain full physical performance and these techniques also counteract stress and thus make you feel even healthier.

Triggered by the holistic experience of body, mind and soul, emotional changes can also occur during fasting. Therefore, abstinence from food can also be combined very well with meditation and relaxation exercises.

However, it is not the fasting in itself, but also the stay with like-minded people that makes the Buchinger fasting treatment a special experience. Mutual exchange and shared motivation help you to persevere with people who can closely relate with your experience.

Purify and detoxify your body and get rid of old burdens. A fasting therapy is beneficial not only for the body, but also for the spirit, well-being and vitality. Enjoy the entire experience of this programme at one of our Buchinger fasting clinics.





Is Buchinger Fasting Suitable for Everyone?

The original Buchinger fasting treatment activates the body's self-healing powers, purifies and has positive effects on chronic inflammatory and metabolic diseases, serves as minor pain therapy and helps with psychosomatic disorders.

In addition, due to the low number of calories consumed, fat deposits in the body are reduced and serotonin is released in the brain, which at the same time leads to an improvement of psychological well-being. Further alleviation can be achieved for rheumatism, gout, migraine, allergies, various skin diseases and diabetes, among others. Body and mind are brought back into balance.

Buchinger Fasting is not suitable for those whose primary goal is to lose weight. Although this is a nice side effect of the treatment, the main aim is to bring body and mind back into balance and, by reflecting on one's own habits, to lay the foundations for a permanently more conscious and healthier life.



Fasting and Wellness at a Buchinger Fasting Clinic

Combine your fasting holiday with great wellness treatments and regenerate body and soul on all levels: Aroma massages, Ayurvedic massages, connective tissue massages, purifying salt massages, alkaline baths, alternating baths, fango or warm mud packs, full body peelings, purifying liver wraps, etc. These all support your physical and mental health during the treatment. 

You can spend your wellness holiday with therapeutic fasting where and how you want, for example:

  • enjoying with long walks along the Baltic and North Sea,
  • with the extra dose of Pilates and Yoga to relax and unwind,
  • while fasting in Germany & hiking through enchanted forests, or
  • in the ambience of the Mediterranean Sea.

Our hotels worldwide are open to you. Regardless of whether you would like to get a taste of the world of fasting or combine your fasting holiday with a long-distance trip to Asia or North Africa, we will find the right holiday offer for you.

If you cannot decide in which of our many hotels you would like to begin your fasting therapy, then we will be happy to help you with advice and support so that nothing stands in the way of your next dream holiday!



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FAQ: Most important facts about my Buchinger fasting holiday

Why should I choose a Buchinger Fast?

If you want to prevent health problems or specifically target them, or simply want to feel fitter and more energetic, you should consider the Buchinger therapeutic fasting programme. The combination of fasting, gentle exercise and relaxation is particularly beneficial for both mind and body.

How long is Buchinger therapeutic fasting?

Your fasting stay should last at least 1 week. You can also book 2 or 3 weeks at a Buchinger clinic, but most of the programmes at our hotels last 7 days, which is a good period to start experiencing success. If you want to take a longer course of treatment, it is essential that you discuss this with your doctor in advance.

Will I have the yo-yo effect after fasting?

Even if losing weight is not the aim of the Buchinger treatment, you will certainly lose a few pounds due to the reduced calorie intake. This is a nice side effect that will quickly be gone again if you do not continue to eat a healthy diet and exercise sufficiently afterwards. Fortunately, during your stay at the Buchinger fasting clinic, you will receive many valuable tips to help you along the way and once you get home.

Are there risks or side effects to the regimen?

A fasting therapy can always have side effects such as headaches, dizziness, weakness or sleep disruption. This is quite normal. Every person reacts differently to the extreme circumstances, which is why there is no clear answer to this question about side effects. If you suffer from cancer, tuberculosis, cardiovascular diseases or eating disorders, a fasting regimen could carry serious risks, so fasting is not recommended for these individuals.

Buchinger fast vs. juice cleanse: what’s the difference?

Although they are both liquid fasts that place great value on high nutrient consumption, Buchinger fasts also include broths and teas, as well as specific treatments that aid the process, such as Kneipp treatments or liver wraps. This is not always the case with juice cleanses. Find out more on our dedicated juice cleanse page!

Buchinger fast vs. water fasting: what’s the difference?

A water fast says it right in the name, you would be consuming nothing but water. In other words, your body does not receive any nutrients. Many doctors suggest doing a Buchinger fast instead, as it is much safer and even more effective. Your body is not starved of nutrients and you therewith do not cause unnecessary and harmful strain on your vital organs.

Where do you want to spend your Buchinger fasting holiday?