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Introduction to Fasting

SpaDreams offers various fasting programmes which are tremendously popular in Europe and have a great impact on those who undertake them. Fasting does not mean that you stop eating entirely, but rather that you reduce the amount you eat for a short period of time, reducing your overall calorie intake. The details vary from programme to programme. Fasting and detox are often seen as synonymous, as they use similar methods and achieve similar outcomes. However, fasting aims at weight loss, whilst detox programmes focus on the purification of the body.

Fasting According to Dr. Buchinger

Dr. Otto Buchinger is known as the pioneer of medical fasting and his methods are extremely popular. The Buchinger fast begins with 'preparation days' to allow your body to prepare itself for the coming fast, and to ease into a different way of eating. Programmes usually last for around 14 days, although this can be altered to suit the needs of individual guests.

Buchinger fasting offers a holistic cure for both mind and body. It is recommended for the following conditions:

  • Obesity
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Stress
  • High blood pressure
  • Skin diseases
  • Joint Rheumatism
  • Metabolic Syndrome

F.X. Mayr Cure

Another popular fasting programme was created by the Austrian doctor Franz Xaver Mayr. He observed his patients, comparing their digestive organs to the roots of trees, stating that diseases occur because we eat too much, too fast or too late in the evening. The F.X. Mayr cure follows a strict daily routine, focusing on the relief & detoxification of the gastro-intestinal system, using more ingredients than Buchinger.

The therapy focuses on the stomach, and flushes out any toxins from the body within the first few days. Guests undertaking an F. X. Mayr cure are not allowed to do the following:

  • Eat snacks between meals
  • Eat after 6pm
  • Drink coffee, alcohol or any fizzy pop
  • Eat raw foods
  • Drink fluids 1/2 hour before or after any meal

The fundamental principle of a Mayr cure is that a healthy digestive system is crucial for a healthy body.

Schroth Cure

This medically recognised treatment stimulates a complete body cleansing process and a feeling of regeneration. This fasting cure was developed by Johann Schroth in the 19th Century and has evolved to suit modern day demands. The treatment is highly individual and focuses on activating the healing powers of each individual person's body to help improve general health, the metabolic system and digestive system.

There are 4 main elements to a Schroth Cure:

  • The Fasting Diet: Reducing calorie intake is a vital factor with any fasting programme. A Schroth diet is free from animal protein, salts and fats.
  • Body Wraps: All guests receive a full body wrap which stimulates the body's metabolism and makes the cleansing process more effective 
  • Regulated Fluid Intake: Spa water, teas, and fruits are prescribed during the diet to induce a rhythmic change to fluid intake. This is important for body drainage.
  • Exercise and Rest: Exercise for the body and relaxation for the mind form part of this cure.

Kneipp Cure

This fasting cure involes a high protein intake (around 800 calories) combined with various health treatments. It consists of 4 different elements:

  1. Exercise therapy: Exercises such as hiking, swimming, bicycling. Aiming to strengthen the immune systems whilst fasting with food.
  2. Nutritional therapy: Support to help you consume a minimal calorie intake whilst consuming more nutrients and protein.
  3. Hydrotherapy: This improves circulation and allows you to detoxify and relax.
  4. Evaluation of your life: Another crucial part of Kneipp fasting involves taking the time to reflect on your lifestyle and to consider restructuring your life in order to achieve a better balace and find peace. 

Fruit Fasting

Fruit fasting is a very common fasting method and an easy way to begin cleansing the system. If you are considering a fast to lose weight method, a fruit diet may be a beneficial option for you. As with most fasting programmes, the main aim is to improve well-being, metabolism and immune system. Fruit fasting is an excellent method for those who have never done any fasting before. It is known to benefit your mind, body and spirit. It also detoxifies your body and gives you new and fresh outlook on life.

  • Overweight (BMI of over 25+ for women and 26+ for men)
  • Fatigue and diabetes
  • Heart and cardiovascular conditions
  • Skin problems
  • Inflammation of respiratory and immune systems
  • Rheumatism and stomach disorders
  • High blood pressure 

Fasting Alternatives

Aside from fasting, SpaDreams has a number of cures on offer: 

  • Ayurveda Detox: Ayurveda is based on the ancient principle of a good life and uses remedies such as herbs and spices, plants, leaves, flowers and oils which are intended to promote overall well-being.
  • Ayurveda Slimming Cure: Combines a holistic therapy with diet, natural herbal medicine and yoga with the aim of restoring the balance of body and soul.
  • Detoxification: Similar principles to fasting, aims to rid your body of toxins

How To Fast Safely

When done safely, fasting can have a fantastic impact on both your physical and mental health. However, if fasting is not done correctly it can have negative effects. You must consult your GP/doctor before embarking on a fasting holiday, to ensure that you are physically healthy enough. Children and pregnant women should never go on a fasting holiday.

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