Single Travel: Our 4 Tips for Going Solo

Beach VacationSooner or later, the question arises whether or not you should travel alone. On the one hand, you are probably attracted by the great freedom, the special time only for yourself and the fulfillment of personal dreams, which represents such journey, but you may also have some concerns and are unsure if you really want to travel alone.

Therefore, we’ve put together 4 tips to help you travel alone – because you should never miss out on your dream vacation!

1. Pick the Right Location

Pick a country in which you believe you will feel most comfortable in alone, as you will be able to communicate in your own language. It is best to plan a city tour or travel to a hotel (near) tourist areas, since all sorts of languages are being spoken there, where European standards most likely arrise and supermarkets, drugstores or pharmacies are not far away.

Thailand BeachThese include destinations in Europe such as France, Italy, Ireland or Spain. If you like it tropical, then Thailand and Bali are the perfect holiday spots for you. As tourism is very important in these countries, people are dependent on travelers. You can easily meet other solo travelers with whom you can get together. You do not have to worry about dress codes in either countries.

2. Don’t be Afraid of Being Alone

Enjoy the trip as much as you want to and how you like it best – without having to undertake or compromise. Traveling alone is an experience that makes you incredibly strong. Yoga

You do not need to be uncomfortable in your solitude: It is easy to get to know new people when traveling solo, because nowadays it is absolutely normal to travel alone – also as a woman. Other single travelers also want to get to know new people, so you will meet certain like-minded people with whom you can travel together, if you wish. In case yoga, cooking or diving classes are offered on site, you will get the chance to connect with others easily.

3. Create A Plan For Yourself – Especially for Day 1

This will help you arrive at your holiday destination in a completely relaxed way, having you feel more orientated and to get to know the country and the people. Your hotel will be glad to provide you with all the information about sightseeing and tours, and of course you can easily inform yourself on the internet. Plan enough time ahead to enjoy all the sceneries. You can join group tours and ask your hotel if there are offers for single travelers, for example surf lessons or a language course. So you can make use of your holiday as a learning experience!

4. Plan Your Holiday as A Pampering Trip for Yourself

Massage on beach

A holiday alone is ideal for taking care of yourself by enjoying wellness treatments, relaxing with yoga and meditation, or using an Ayurveda treatment. Also a sports holiday or a slimming treatment is ideal for single travelers: You have a lot of time and leisure to let your gaze wonder in new directions and do things that you have always wanted to do – without distractions or restrictions.

Another great advantage: Through the extinct programme, loneliness will likely not occur, you will be able to simply relax with the comforting spa treatments. Besides, of course, there is enough time to let your mind wonder and enjoy the quiet and peaceful surroundings or take time to participate an interesting class.

Now get ready for your ideal solo dream vacation!

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