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Lose weight on holiday with SpaDreams! Losing weight at home alone can be a difficult challenge, especially when you can't escape the pressures and habits of everyday life, or when you're surrounded by high calorie food everywhere you go. 

By choosing to lose weight at a SpaDreams nutrition focused hotel, you'll be given all the support you need to reach your target weight. Discover a new, lighter life and enjoy tasty, healthy recipes. You will learn everything you need to know about a healthy diet, the best way to deal with a hunger attack and how to place exercise into your everyday life. At our weight loss retreats, you'll be able to meet other people looking to lose weight, so you can support each other on your weight loss journeys.  

With a wide range of sport and wellness programmes, your weight loss holiday will not only be focused around food. Enjoy classic massages, mud packs, saunas and a large variety of beauty and slimming spa treatments at our first-class resorts. Water gymnastics, cardio training, Pilates, Nordic walking and many other leisure activities will allow you to boost your calorie burn and shed pounds whilst having fun. 

For those looking for something a little bit different, we also offer Ayurveda for Weight Loss, which utilises the detoxifying effect of this ancient Indian healing art to optimise your lifestyle for healthy living. No matter what type of weight loss holiday you're searching for, our expert customer service team can find the right programme for you. 

Types of Weight Loss Holidays

Slimming Spa Holidays: Many spa hotels offer cosmetic treatments, which remove cellulite and help slim & firm the whole body.

Weight-Loss Holidays: Our resorts offer original weight-loss programmes, which are designed to focus on quick and effective weight reduction.

Active Leisure Holidays: If you are keen on active leisure, choose from a wide range of our resorts offering programmes including hiking, Nordic walking, aqua fitness and golf.

Detox & Fasting Holidays: Detox retreats and other resorts offering detox programmes are dedicated to reducing the negative effects of unhealthy eating habits, including weight gain. Therapeutic fasting is a form of detox that aims to strengthen the immune system. 

Ayurvedia Slimming: Ayurveda is an Indian system of traditional medicine, which originated 5,000 years ago. Ayurvedic resorts in Europe and South Asia offer effective, highly individualised treatments, which are based on tailored diet plans and spa treatments.

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