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Yoga Holidays: Body, Mind and Soul

Originating in India and believed to have been developed around the sixth and fifth centuries BC, yoga has been slowly integrated into the Western world and is now a popular form of exercise, known primarily for improving flexibility, strength and posture. Each yoga pose focuses on a different muscle, building strength all over your body and increasing your bodily awareness. The breathing techniques required to master the art of yoga have a relaxing, meditative effect and yoga has been proven to lower blood pressure and slow the heart rate, which is beneficial for people with high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke sufferers.

Experience all of these health benefits with our yoga holidays! SpaDreams has plenty of yoga holidays on offer from luxury resorts to yoga retreats, giving us the opportunity to create your ideal package. Check out our medical conditions page and yoga guide to see how yoga can help you.

In Indian tradition, yoga has a far greater spiritual and meditative focus than in its Westernised form. By combining a yoga holiday with an Ayurveda journey, you can experience the immense power of a holistic cure, as well as all of the health benefits of a yoga holiday.  

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