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Solo Holidays

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Sometimes it is not always possible (or wanted!) to go on a holiday with friends or family. However, those who do not want to miss out on a dream holiday and make new friends along the way are in the right place with SpaDreams.

How about, for example, an active Nordic Walking Holiday, an authentic Ayurvedic Holiday or a fitness break in a spa hotel? In addition to long walks, a culinary variety and relaxing spa treatments, you have the opportunity to meet and chat with like-minded people.

Even in our Medical Wellness Hotels you are not alone - the success is much greater among like-minded people. If you plan a weight loss treatment, you will find not only motivation among the other guests, but also the opportunity to talk about each other’s successes and failures.

During a Yoga Holiday, you can choose between courses being performed in a group or individually. Experience the soothing movements that bring body, mind and soul in harmony and create more balance. Just like the motto says- "Traveling alone - together with cures"- you too can get to know new people during a group travel. A fasting hike with a set group goal brings more success, according to experience, rather than being alone. Here you will find the perfect offers, such as the use of double rooms as a single room without any extra fees, a coach who always stands by your side and a group table to enjoy meals.

If you want to be more active, you will get your money's worth with the Active Leisure Holidays and Fitness & Spa Wellness Holidays.

Therapeutic cures in Bulgaria, Thalasso therapies in Portugal, Ayurvedic cures in India or back pain relieving days in Germany - at SpaDreams, every single traveller will surely find what they are looking for and can enjoy a relaxing holiday, while doing something for their health and recharging their batteries.

Take a chance, trust yourself, and experience the ultimate freedom you can only get from a solo holiday. Step outside your comfort zone and meet new people, whether you are receiving medical treatments at the Dead Sea or de-stressing a luxury hotel, you are sure to have an unforgettable trip while travelling solo.

For information and tips on going solo, check out the SpaDreams blog!

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