Solo Holidays

Solo Holidays

Take some well-deserved time for yourself

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Indulge in some time alone

Our solo holidays are ideal for anyone who needs to get away and take a little time for themselves. We have a vast number of resorts across the globe which are tailored to suit the needs of solo travellers, with many opportunities to meet new, interesting people.

Our Ayurveda cures focus solely on the individual and are particularly suited to those travelling alone. Take the time to immerse yourself in Eastern culture and let Ayurveda take you on a journey of self-discovery. Discover your body's potential by combining a solo holiday with a yoga holiday - the perfect opportunity to reconnect your body and mind. A life changing trip to India or Sri Lanka can have even more impact when taken alone.

As highly personal and reflective experiences, fasting and detoxing are ideal for solo travellers. Alternatively, book a solo weight loss or fitness holiday and focus entirely on achieving your goals without any distractions, and impress your friends and family when you return slimmer, healthier and more relaxed!

If you're quite simply looking to take some time to relax by yourself and enjoy some well-deserved "me time", you'll find your ideal solo holiday amongst our vast variety of  spa holidays.

No matter what you're looking for, SpaDreams is here to help you arrange your dream solo holiday at a low price with our best price guarantee! 

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