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Travel Secrets: 5 Tips for Successful Solo Travel

Solo Travel Tips Blog CoverYour dream is to get on a plane and explore the world on your own? Then go ahead! Meanwhile, solo travel is praised and celebrated by numerous bloggers as the ultimate type of travel. But what do you have to keep in mind when traveling alone? SpaDreams give you tips on how to make your solo journey an absolute success!

1. Prepare Yourself!

Resting woman using laptop on a beachSounds obvious, but is very important: Inform yourself before the trip particularly about the destination. Choose a country where you feel comfortable in alone, for example a country where you speak the language. It is best to plan a city trip or stay close to touristy places. For the first solo trip, European destinations such as France, Italy or Spain are ideal. If you like it more exotic and further away, you should also inform yourself about topics such as proper clothing and behavior at the destination. If you are booking with a tour operator, they should be able to give you all the important information. With SpaDreams, you will also receive an additional travel guide including all the information you need for your holiday.

2. Do What You Feel Like Doing!


You want to buy souvenirs and need to visit ten shops and half of the day? It does not matter – nobody will be annoyed with you. Actually, if you do not really care about this, and you would just like to have a little bit of spa wellness… Then let’s go! Your interests are the priority on this trip and you do not have to pay attention to anything else. Use this chance to plan a pampering trip for yourself! ? But be beware: Try to contact your family and friends regularly. Therefore, no one worries at home and you can relax and enjoy your trip.

3. Take Care of Your Personal Belongings!

Suitcase for travelling

Of course you should – as always – take care of your valuables and especially your passport & etc. always carry it with you or keep in a safe place. A little tip: You can take a picture of your passport or other documents in advance and save them in an e-mail inbox or Dropbox. Then you are on the safe side in case of an emergency.

4. Do Not be Afraid of Loneliness!

Relaxed woman sitting in her big suitcase

… because if you do not want to be alone, then it is easy to meet new people, especially when traveling. Being vigilant means by no means that you suspect a “bad guy” behind every stranger. Other solo travelers usually want to get to know new people, so you’ll meet like-minded people, with whom you can travel together, if you are open to it. So: Start a conversation – preferably with everyone! Among other travelers also with the taxi driver, the street vendor and the bartender in the hotel. This way you get to know the people and the culture and learn how to deal openly and confidently with strangers. This may be the perfect chance to let locals show you the area or even make friends for a lifetime!

5. Write About Your Experience!

Writing with ink

You will experience many exciting things that are new to you and still want to tell your grandchildren about. Grab a journal and write it down. You can collect your thoughts and arrange them so nothing falls into oblivion. A perfect setting for writing are often longer trips, flights or simply just the last few minutes before going to bed. After each long journey, there is always one thing that is waiting for you: your home. When asked, “And how was it?” You could answer with an eight-hour monologue. Since you were deliberately travelling alone, one may not understand this directly. But that’s not the case, as long as you are happy, satisfied and keep your adventures in your heart. Each trip leaves next to the stamp in the passport also a stamp in your soul. In this case:

Get out into the big world and have fun on your next travel adventure!

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