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A vibrant land with a zest for life

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Welcome to Spain!

A splash of sunshine with a European flair! Your holiday in Spain will take you to the heart of a passionate land filled with culinary wonders,  magnificent architecture, lively flamenco dancers and a unique charm that permeates Spain's diverse cityscapes and natural treasures. 

Explore some of the world's most impressive monuments, dance the night away to the sound of beautiful guitars, relax on sun-soaked beaches and discover a zest for life that is typical to the Spanish people. With an artistic history that includes the likes of Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso, Spain draws culture lovers worldwide in with the promise of a whirlwind tour through the myriad reminders of its spirited and varied history. 

Contrary to what the vibrancy that flows through the streets of Spain might cause you to suspect, Spain is one of the best destinations in the Mediterranean for an Ayurveda cure. The warm climate, relaxed attitude and stunning sunsets create the idea atmosphere for a journey of self-discovery and holistic healing. Our professionally run Ayurveda retreats scattered across the Spanish coast offer delicious ayurvedic dishes and a variety of programmes, ranging from comprehensive Panchakarma cures to Ayurveda wellness treatments. 

Spain is also home to some of our best detox resorts. These luxurious detox retreats combine chic, classy interiors with professional, effective detox programmes, delivered by experts, allowing you to achieve your detox goals in complete comfort. 

Known as a prime destination for sunshine seekers across Europe, Spain is also the perfect place for a relaxing and rejuvenating stay. Whether you're on the search for Ayurveda, detox or relaxation, our expert customer service team can help you find your perfect holiday in Spain! 

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