Schroth Cure

A regenerating & cleansing fasting process

The History of the Schroth Cure

The Schroth cure was developed by the Austrian naturopath Johann Schroth and ultimately aims at self-healing. After being badly injured by a horse in his youth, Schroth met a monk who advised him to wash the wound in wet cloth several times a day. Although this treatment proved effective, Schroth found the process tedious and developed his own healing method which involved 'wearing' the rags around the wound as cold compresses. By using this cure to heal people and animals, Schroth gained a reputation as a miracle worker and went on to develop a strict diet plan to accompany his healing wraps, which he combined with thermal spa treatments to create a natural, holistic cure for the body and mind.

How does the Schroth Diet look like?

The Schroth diet contains no animal protein or fats, is extremely low in salt and includes a regiment of 'dry days' and 'drinking days'. On dry days, little fluid is consumed, and on drinking days guests will enjoy large amounts of water, tea and juice, as well as a small amount of cure wine. Every day a large amount and variety of cooked vegetables and compotes made from fresh fruit will be on offer as well as vegetable soups, sauerkraut, whole grain carbohydrates, freshly squeezed juices and wild herbs. Diet plans will vary depending on which hotel you choose. 

The Schroth Cure: Wraps and Thermal Water

In the early hours of the morning guests undertaking a Schroth cure will be fully wrapped in cold, damp linen wraps. This will increase your circulation and stimulate your metabolism, ready for a full body cleansing. Some resorts offer warm towels after the treatment to activate the body's natural defense system and give guests a pleasant, warm, tingling sensation

A number of thermal spa treatments are also available, which aid the detoxifying process and help you refresh, rejuvenate and revitalise


Oberstaufen: The Original Schroth Cure

The region of Oberstaufen in Germany is particularly popular with health and wellness enthusiasts looking for authentic Schroth programmes, with the area being officially recognised as offering original and first-class Schroth treatments. 

 In addition to undertaking a Schroth programme in Oberstaufen, the area is also the ideal location to stay to visit the popular tourist attractions of Neuschwanstein Castle and Lake Constance.

Benefits of the Schroth Cure
  • Activates the body's natural healing powers
  • Detoxifies the body 
  • Professional supervision
  • Helps with joint/muscle pain and rheumatic illnesses
  • Boosts metabolism 
  • Increases bloodflow 
  • Positive effect on mental health 

What does a modern Schroth Cure include?

There are 4 main elements to the Schroth cure:

  • Drinking regulation
  • Schroth wraps
  • Alternating rest and exercise
  • Schroth diet 

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