Schroth Method

Schroth Method

Discover your body's ability to heal itself

Discover the health benefits of the Schroth method

The Schroth method – developed by the Austrian naturopath Johann Schroth – is a natural, holistic programme that involves a strict, vegetarian diet, special “spa therapy wine” (German: “Kurwein”), and thermal healing treatments. This treatment is most popular in the German town of Oberstaufen, revered by many for being a spa town dedicated to health and wellness of the highest quality.

Our outstanding Schroth method resorts are perfect for those suffering from joint or muscle pain and rheumatic illnesses, as well as those those looking to detox their bodies, refresh and rejuvenate. Although the Schroth method can help with weight management and help set you on the path to a new, healthy lifestyle, the overall aim of the programme is to improve your general well-being, rid your body of toxins and cleanse your mind.

If you’re interested in trying out this unique detox diet, get in touch with our customer service team to find out if the Schroth Method is right for you!

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