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Perhaps one of the best kept secrets of Europe’s spa destinations, the unique healing fango treatments at mud bath spas and health retreats in Italy are very little known outside of the continent. The mineral rich mud located around Italy’s natural springs is known as Fango, (Italian for mud) and has been beloved since the times of the Roman Empire as a way of promoting deep inner and outer healing.

Located in the Euganean Hills not far from Venice, Italy's largest thermal and mud therapy region attracts guests from all over the world. The healing mud is infused with minerals which have being flowing through volcanic rock for thousands of years and consists largely of salt, iodine and bromine, as well as countless other minerals. These thermo-mineral properties are unique in the world and are used for both therapeutic and aesthetic treatments.

The medicinal benefits of mud baths are numerous. For people suffering from mild stress and skin problems the mud has anti-inflammatory properties. Guests have also found fango to be an effective holistic treatment for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, cellulite, acne, scars, psoriasis, dry skin, joint and muscular pain and other diseases which stem from problems with locomotor system and skin. For many it is simply one of the most effective ways of absorbing essential minerals.

A type of naturopathy, Fango treatment is hot active mud, heated and purified through thermal springs. You can either have it applied in small amounts as a mud mask or in a massage, or take the plunge and try a full body mud bath - a surprisingly relaxing experience.

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After morning mud spa treatments and relaxation by the pool, spend your afternoons exploring the villages and vineyards of the Euganean hills. With many cycle tracks and footpaths and an extraordinary flora and fauna, the area is perfect for nature lovers.

The park is located in the south of the Veneto region, which extends right up to the Dolomites in the north. Take day trips to the shores of Lake Garda or the arcaded city of Padua, where you can enjoy the best gelatos in Italy.  

Top your mineral dosage off with some rays of sunny vitamin D from the warm Italian climate and enjoy expert hospitality as you relax, rejuvenate and recuperate. With over 35 fango mud spas and numerous health retreats in Italy, SpaDreams is here to help you plan your dream spa break.  

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