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Welcome to Italy, the home of delicious cuisine, world-renowned art and Fango mud treatments! Immerse yourself in the Italian tradition of Fango, which dates back to the Roman Empire, and experience the extraordinary healing qualities of this mineral-rich mud at our Fango hotels in Italy.

Soak up the sunshine and enjoy the warm hospitality of the Italians as you relax, rejuvenate and recuperate. Fango treatments will work wonders for people suffering from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, cellulite, acne, scars, psoriasis, dry skin, joint and muscular pain and other diseases which stem from problems with locomotor system and skin.

The Euganean Hills are known for being Italy's largest Thermal Region. The salt-bromine-iodine waters, which flow in a large area to the north-eastern margin of the Euganean Hills, bear thermo-mineral properties which are unique in the world and are used for both therapeutic and aesthetic treatments. Experience authentic Fango treatments at the elegant Ermitage Bel Air Medical Hotel, situated in the midst of the stunning Euganean Hills, or indulge yourself in the luxury spa sessions on offer at the Abano Grand Hotel, which combines modern comforts with traditional Italian culture. With over 35 Fango hotels in Italy, SpaDreams can find the ideal destination for you.  

Fango treatment is a form of heat therapy (thermotherapy). Another popular type of heat therapy is balneotherapy with use of thermal waters available for example at Roman Thermal Spas of Europe in Italy and beyond.

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