Colon Cleanse

Colon Cleanse

A cleanse for the organism

Colon cleanses for a fresh start

For the body, a colon flush is like a fresh start. Toxins are eliminated and the intestinal flora are given a chance to return to a state of balance. Consequently, a colon cleanse also contributes to a feeling of well-being in your life, since our intestinal health does not only significantly influence the immune system, but also our psychological state of mind. Here you can find out more about colon cleanses and how you can combine them with a unique health holiday at dream destinations.

Holiday for the intestines in our fasting hotels

What is a colon cleanse?

The colon cleanse is a method of naturopathy that aims to strengthen or rebuild the intestinal flora, improving overall colon health. This makes a decisive contribution to our general well-being. Intestinal cleansing can be achieved by a classic fasting regimen or by modern colon hydrotherapy.

Classical therapeutic fasting

Generally speaking, every fasting programme is also a treatment for the intestines, because fasting relieves the intestines, which usually work at full capacity, and can help reactivate their self-healing powers. Buchinger therapeutic fasting or the Schroth therapy, but also detox treatments with smoothies and juices are great for the intestines.

A fasting programme has a better chance of success if the body is cleansed at the beginning. In traditional fasting programmes, Glauber's salt or colonics are often used to empty the entire intestine at the start of the therapy. This is intended to prevent accumulated food residues in the small intestine from rotting or fermenting, as they are not completely excreted due to a lack of follow-up food. In the Buchinger treatment, for example, Glauber's salt is often used at the start of the fast. This is a colon cleanse powder that helps the intestines retain water and promotes water secretion, triggering a laxative effect. These salts are considered a very natural colon cleanse.



smoothie detox
Smoothie detox

Colon cleansing with colon hydrotherapy

The colon hydrotherapy is an elimination procedure for intestinal cleansing. It is a modern form of colonic irrigation in which a total of ten to twenty liters of water are passed through the intestine while the patient lies on his or her side or back. The warm water is led through a hose into the intestine. The temperature of the water varies, which additionally stimulates intestinal activity. The whole process takes about an hour and, to support the effect, the colon hydrotherapist massages the patient's abdominal wall. Afterwards the intestine is completely emptied.

Through the colonic hydrotherapy, the intestine is cleansed of "toxins" (e.g. old excrement residues, harmful intestinal bacteria or intestinal fungi), can regenerate and is given the chance for a fresh start. The therapy is not only good for the intestine itself, but also detox other organs, such as the liver. On the therapy days, the patient should take care of his or her intestines and avoid eating any food that is difficult to digest. The colon hydrotherapy can be carried out as part of a 7 day colon cleanse and fasting programme.



colon hydro therapie
Abdominal massage during the Colon Hydrotherapy

Healthy intestinal flora

Our intestinal flora influences not only the digestion, but also the immune system and the defense against pathogens, because about 80% of all active immune cells are located in the intestine. In total, there are about 1,000 types of intestinal bacteria that have been researched, whereby the intestinal flora is individual to each person and is, among other things, influenced by nutrition. Researchers believe that changes in the intestinal microbiomes and colon health can be linked to numerous diseases. It is in our best interest to pay close attention to our intestines in order to help heal and alleviate these countless conditions.

Colon flush or colon cleanse?

The two terms are often used as a synonym. Strictly speaking, however, a colon flush means the short-term elimination of waste products (such as Glauber's salts) and colon cleanse means the long-term healing of the intestine. Our colon cleanses in fasting hotels use both traditional methods and the most modern colon hydrotherapy to cleanse the intestines during the treatment. The combination with detox juices or Buchinger fasting can lead to long-term intestinal health.



Advantages of colon cleanse

A colon cleanse can not only relieve everyday digestive problems such as constipation or diarrhea, but can also make a significant contribution to improved health. It also helps to rebuild the "good" bacteria after taking antibiotics or other strong medication. A colon cleanse can also help with certain chronic diseases, including atopic skin diseases or allergies. What many people do not know is that many chronic conditions can be traced back to an unbalanced intestinal flora and general colon health.

Many people find that colon health treatments help them to eat healthier food, have more energy and an overall better attitude towards life.



Hotels with colon therapy

Some of our hotels have specialised in intestinal cleansing or rehabilitation. In our health spas you can give your body a basic cleansing and at the same time spend a great holiday at your dream destination. The colon cleanses in our selected hotels combine regular colon cleanses with a week of fasting or colon cleanse diet, relaxation, exercise and expert advice, so that you will achieve the best possible results. After a 7-day colon cleanse holiday, you will feel refreshed thanks to numerous treatments and a special diet!

In Germany you can detox your intestines while fasting. Alongside medical examinations, daily exercise, Kneipp treatments, hydrotherapy and lymph drainage, 5 colon therapy treatments are also part of the 7-day colon cleanse programme. The colon hydrotherapy sessions are considered to be gentle colon cleanses and can therewith be safely administered several days in a row.

In Thailand, professional colon cleanses can be optimally combined with yoga. In addition to 5 colon hydrotherapy treatments, you can expect traditional massages, green juices, exotic smoothies, fresh coconuts and unlimited participation in yoga and meditation classes. In some cases you will be provided with a colon cleanse kit, allowing you to determine the length and frequency of the treatment. 

Our colon cleanse treatments in professional fasting hotels can usually be booked over a period of 7 to 10 days. In addition to the sports and wellness offers, which vary depending on the hotel or spa, all of our selected hotels have qualified staff and all-round care, so you don't have to worry about anything. Give your body and soul the break it deserves!



detox und yoga thailand

FAQ - Colon Therapy

When does it make sense to have colon therapy?

An intestinal cleansing treatment can help with the following complaints:

  • Digestive problems
  • Recurrent fungal infections
  • Multiple use of antibiotics
  • Rheumatism and joint problems
  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Susceptibility to infections
  • Baseless depressive mood
  • Weak connective tissue, skin problems

For whom is the treatment suitable?

A colon cleanse is suitable for those who want to alleviate chronic health problems once and for all, as many of the inflammatory processes taking place in the body can be reduced. But also, if you simply want to feel a little more vital, fitter and more comfortable, a health holiday with bowel cleansing is a good choice. Anyone who could use a little fresh start for body and soul can benefit from the treatment, as it is often the first step towards a more conscious life.

How often should an intestinal cleansing treatment be carried out?

That depends on your personal situation. In principle, you can have a colon cleanse once a year in the sense of a "spring cleanse". But even if you do such a treatment every two or three years, your body will be very grateful.

What is the difference between the usual enema and the colon therapy?

In contrast to the traditional enema, the colon hydrotherapy uses a hose to drain the water, including the dissolved intestinal contents. This makes the enema completely odorless and clean - and surprisingly, most people even find it pleasant!

Are there risks and side effects of the colon hydrotherapy?

Improper intestinal cleansing can be associated with risks in chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases such as pronounced hemorrhoids, Crohn's disease or after intestinal surgery. Before you book a health holiday with colonic irrigation, you should always talk to your doctor about any risks.

Do I always have to have a colonic irrigation?

Not every fasting programme includes a colonic irrigation. The purpose of completely emptying the bowel is to rid it of any food residue that could impair the success of the fasting therapy. If, however, you decide on an alkaline fasting therapy, for example, which involves a very gentle detoxification, a colonic irrigation is not absolutely necessary. However, many people report a pleasant feeling after the colon flush and even a reduced feeling of hunger. Don’t be afraid to give a try.

Can I also detox my bowels at home with household remedies?

There are many natural remedies that you can use to purge your bowels at home. Broccoli, cabbage, artichokes, beetroot, garlic and ginger are just a few examples of foods that contribute to improved intestinal health. Chia, linseed and psyllium husks bind water in the intestines and swell, which is beneficial for intestinal mobility and the elimination of metabolic waste. These helpers also contain many valuable plant substances for the intestine.

Can I do sports during the treatment?

Yes, because during relaxed movement the parasympathetic nervous system is activated and thus the intestinal blood circulation is improved and metabolic processes are stimulated. Doctors therefore recommend moderate exercise to support the treatment.

Is it possible to lose weight with a colon cleanse?

Yes and no. During the first few days of a colon cleanse you will lose weight, but most of it is metabolic waste and water. But if you continue to eat a healthy diet and take care of your intestines after the treatment, you will not suffer from overweight. The main goal of the colon cleanse is, however, not weight loss.

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