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Did you know that a natural healing therapy named Climatotherapy has the power to improve your health in a holistic and long-lasting way? And what is more, did you know climate therapy can be enjoyed during a relaxing spa holiday in beautiful surroundings? Read on to learn more about this fantastic natural therapy, where you can experience it and how to book.

What Is Climatotherapy?

Climatotherapy Definition:

Climatotherapy is a type of treatment using environmental and climate factors of a specific location to improve the health. This can be things like altitude, clean air, mountain air and coastal air as well as differing types of weather, from humid to dry, and local natural resources, like seawater or mineral mud. Climate therapy is most often used alongside other spa therapies, such as thalassotherapy, balneotherapy, fangotherapy and thermotherapy. The term climatotherapy is also used to refer to moving patients to a region with a climate that would help them recover or manage a health condition.

Climatotherapy Origins:

Although various climates have been used in helping people recover from illness for millennia, climate therapy as a specific treatment programme first started to become popular during the roman empire, when doctors sent patients to the coast or mountains to benefit from warmer weather and cleaner air. Notably, it is said that Hippocrates himself founded the therapy in 500BC and it became a popular practise amongst the Greeks, Babylonians and Mesopotamians. A more systematic form of climatotherapy developed in the 18th century with the rise in popularity of English seaside resorts. From then, the benefits of specific climates on the health has continued to be scientifically researched and today it represents a very viable alternative healing option for many.


Find Your Perfect Climatotherapy Spa Hotel

If you already have an idea of where you'd like to go for your climate therapy holiday, use our search bar below to find your perfect climatotherapy spa hotel! You can also tailor the results to any specific requests, like duration of stay, destination, board type and room type.

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Climatotherapy in the mountains
Climatotherapy by the sea
climatotherapy at the dead sea

Why Is Climatotherapy So Effective?

Benefits of Climatotherapy

Since the benefits of climatotherapy all differ according to the location, we have provided information on the benefits of each different type of climate:

  • Climatotherapy with increased sunshine: otherwise known as phototherapy, climatotherapy that focuses on the healing powers of the sunshine can have benefits for many health conditions and improve all round wellbeing.

Indications: psoriasis, eczema, vitamin D deficiency, all-round health

  • Climatotherapy in the mountains: your lungs and any lung-related health issues will benefit from the clean mountain air. Due to the high altitude, there is a lower level of oxygen, which can increase red blood cells, accelerate fitness development when training there and alleviate metabolic or sickle cell diseases. Waterfalls, mountain springs and radon healing galleries can also have an invigorating effect on the health.

Indications: metabolic diseases, excess weight, bronchitis, sickle cell disease, all-round health

  • Climatotherapy by the sea: Also known as thalassotherapy, therapy using the coastal climate and sea has many beneficial factors.  The sea air is rich in iodine and salt, which helps loosen mucus in the lungs, makes it easier to cough and clear the airways, and ultimately clears the lungs. Learn more about the healing benefits of thalassotherapy here.

Indications: post-traumatic/operative treatment, rheumatism, arthritis, back problems, joint problems, stress, insomnia, fatigue, general health

  • Climatotherapy at the Dead Sea: the dead sea is quite a unique location on earth and as such provides unique healing possibilities. It has a combination of many unique climate factors that make it so beneficial to the health. Due to its location at 400m below sea level, the sunlight at the Dead Sea has lessened UV rays and is thus more appropriate for therapeutic use, or photoclimatotherapy of psoriasis. The saltwater of the sea as well as sea mud and the salt itself are all used in therapies. Dead Sea Climatotherapy can be especially beneficial for psoriasis and vitiligo. Learn more about the healing benefits of Dead Sea climatotherapy here.

Indications:  psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, neurodermatitis, vitiligo, ichthyosis, systemic scleroderma, parapsoriasis, uveitis, mukoviszidose, lung illnesses, orthopaedic & rheumatic diseases

Climatotherapy Treatments

Climatotherapy treatments vary depending on their location. Whether it's hiking in the mountains and filling your lungs with fresh air, or bathing in the sea and enjoying massages with seasalt, your treatment programme will be tailored to your own health goals.

    Where Can You Experience Climatotherapy?

    Climatotherapy Destinations in Europe, Asia and the Rest of the World!

    The main destinations for climatotherapy can be divided according to climate type. Simply by visiting these locations, you will benefit from the climate, whether coastal, mountainous or sunny. If you would like additional natural therapies, select these from the search bar to filter your results.

    Climatotherapy in the Mountains:

    Alps (Tyrol, Dolomites) | Tatra Mountains (Slovakia) | Himalayas

    Climatotherapy by the Sea:

    Tunisia | Morocco | Tenerife | Slovenia | Spain | France | Bulgaria | Estonia | the Dead Sea (Israel & Jordan) | Greece

    One of our most popular climatotherapy destinations is as the DMZ in Israel, on the coast of the Dead Sea. There, experienced doctors and therapists are dedicated to treating a range of illnesses, especially psoriasis and vitiligo. You can learn more about Health Spa Hotels at the Dead Sea in Israel here.

    On the left, you can view climatotherapy by climate type or below, check out some of our most popular climatotherapy destinations by clicking on the links!

    Booking Your Climatotherapy Hotel

    Browse the hotels below and fill in the booking form on the hotel that you prefer! If you have any special requests just write them in the comments or alternatively contact us via email or phone. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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