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The delightful mud therapy of Fango originates in Italy,  hence the use of the Italian term for mud: “fango” and can be found in specialised fango spa hotels. Using natural mineral mud, heated with thermal spring water, it helps to heal or alleviate various health issues. Combining this treatment with a relaxing holiday in a beautiful location makes it twice as pleasant.

Read on to learn everything about the benefits of fangotherapy and where to go to have the greatest fango spa holiday experience.

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History of Fangotherapy

Fangotherapy or fango treatment is the application of mud on the skin via wraps and masks, and occassionally bathing.

The practice has ancient origins: there are, in fact, testimonies that confirm the existence of this treatment since the time of ancient Egypt. The mud mixed with clay obtained from the silt present on the banks of the Nile, was used to improve the elasticity and appearance of the skin. Later, during the Roman era, mud therapy began to be a common practice in Italy. During the Roman Empire’s period of maximum growth, the treatment reached the peak of popularity in Europe. Today, the opportunity to travel and combine your holiday with a relaxing spa therapy like fangotherapy is not to be missed!




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Fango Mud Mask for the Back
Fango Mud Mask
Fango Mud Mask for the Face
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Your fango spa holiday can be combined with other relaxing treatments, like massages.

What is Fango Therapy?

Fango is Italian for "mud" and refers to the traditional Italian mud therapy. The mud used in fango treatments consists of two main parts, one solid and one liquid.

The solid element consists of an inorganic base, such as clay, and an organic substance that includes microflora (diatoms, bacteria and algae), microfauna and humus.  

The liquid part consists mainly of mineral water or thermal water. The mixture is left to mature for a long time so that the rougher clayey part can absorb the nutrients and minerals of the water.

Fango Mud Mask

Fango mud treatment is a natural therapy, applied in a mask on the body or on the face by experienced therapists at specially certified spas. The fango mask treatment involves several phases: the application of the mud (at a temperature between 37°c and 38°c), the bath in thermal water (from this second step derives the name "mud balneotherapy"), sweating and toning massage. Fango mud masks can be applied on the body as well as the face and are a very pleasant experience.

Thanks to the high temperatures used, a process of sweating and then detoxification is activated. The toxins are thus expelled from the body and, at the same time, the active ingredients and nutrients of the mud are absorbed by the skin.

Normally, in order to achieve the best results, you should visit the fango spa for at least one week, preferably two, with five or six fango treatments per week. Usually it is advisable to carry out fango a couple of times a year.

Benefits of Fango Therapy

It is mainly used as a gentle cleansing treatment for the skin, especially in the area of the legs, abdomen and hips, and as a remedy for cellulite. Different types of mud with different properties and elements are used to treat diseases of different kinds and intensity. There are numerous additional benefitss associated with this treatment, such as detoxifying effect, benefits for the skin, remarkable relaxing and anti-stress result.

Fango is also used as a remedy for various health issues. These indications include: gout, back pain, bronchitis, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, rheumatism, sleep disorders, polyarthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia.

Fango is not suitable for: Acute arthropathies, pregnancy, epilepsy, haemorrhagic ulcers, circulation problems, endocrine diseases, infectious diseases or severe heart disease.

The Best Destinations for Your Fango Spa Break

Your fango spa break will also be combined with healthy activities in beautiful surroundings, since most of the top fango hotels are located in Italy, Hungary and Slovenia. The trend has also caught on in Germany and even Lithuania, where you can experience the so called "white healing mud". Read on to discover where we recommend to visit for your fango spa break.

Fango Spas in Italy

The Original Home of Fango

Italy, the original home of fango therapy, has several wonderful locations to choose from thanks to the country's numerous thermal springs in the area.

Starting with northern Italy, the first destinations renowned for these treatments are the Eugenean Hills, including Abano Terme and Montegrotto Terme. A little less well known, but just as charming, are Levico Terme, Monteortone Terme and Bagno di Romagna.

To the south is the island of Ischia, immersed in the crystal clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea in front of Naples, where thermal springs with unique mineral water composition make a delightful fango destination.

Italy can rightly be regarded as the fango country, par excellence. The treatments offered there, especially in the Eugenean Hills, use certified fango mud (certified by researchers at the University of Padua) as a central component of its thermal spa treatments.

When booking your spa holiday in Italy, you will normally choose a Fango Therapy Programme, since this is what makes thermal spas in Italy so unique, and this will also usually include various aspects of hydrotherapy, thermotherapy and balneotherapy. If you are mainly interested in experiencing the original fango, Italy is the right place for you. 

Fango Spas in Slovenia

Fango and Slovenia's Own Salt Mud

In Slovenia, the main spa therapy programmes are named "Complex Healing". These include a range of therapies, such as fango therapy, massages, balneotherapy and much more. While fango therapy is not the main element of Slovenian health spa programmes, your spa doctor will prescribe fango therapy to you if he feels this will be useful to you, or you can make an additional request for it if you would like to try it here. On the coast of Slovenia there is also a special salt-mud (which is enriched with sea water instead of thermal water). 

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Fango Spas in Hungary

Black Healing Mud

In Hungary, the fango mud is taken from the Heviz thermal lake. The so-called "Heviz Thermal Mud" is a particularly dark brown and is therefore also sometimes called "black healing mud". Most of Hungary's fango therapy can be found here, at the Heviz lake. Depending on what you need, the mud is used hot or cold.

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Fango Spas in Germany

Fango and Germany's Own Peat Mud Baths

Germany is another destination whose hotels offer various programmes for fango. In particular, Bavaria is a renowned area for this treatment thanks to its excellent thermal springs. In addition, Germany also has its own form of mud therapy using natural peat diluted with water, which makes the traditional mud bath.

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Fango Spas in Lithuania

White Healing Mud

One of our top tips for fango-therapy lovers is Lithuania. Here you can enjoy the so-called "white healing mud", which is a page grey colour. As well as this unique colour, the fango-experience in Lithuania is quite extraordinary because delightful scents are added to the mud, so that it also smells as good as it feels. So with "fango-aromatherapy" you get a doubly delightful combination.

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Booking Your Fango Spa Holiday

Our Top Tips

  • The nearest airport to the hotels in the Eugenean Hills is Marco Polo Airport in Venice, so why not combine your fango holiday with a couple of days in Venice, the city of love? You can of course also book your transfer from the airport directly with SpaDreams.
  • Fango has many beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system. What is often forgotten, however, is that fango is also a top beauty treatment. The mud masks make the skin supple, super soft and, above all, improve blood circulation and cleansing. So if you book fango, your beauty treatments are included in the price.
  • Fango is can also help you with weight loss. Due to heat of the mud and the resultant "sweating", the metabolism is stimulated and you can lose weight more quickly, especially if you book a reduced-calory meal plan as part of your programme. If you also simply book half board alongside your week of fango and each day enjoy going for walks, swimming or bike rides in the beautiful countryside, you're sure to be delighted when you return home and check the number on the scales!

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Saving Tips

  • Book the programmes that are designed for one or two weeks. They usually have the best price/performance ratio.
  • Book your fango holiday with half board. Usually our hotels offer such great breakfast and evening buffets that you don't have to eat three times a day.

  • Especially in Italy, the home of fango therapy, there are so many great hotels that you can always find a current promotional offer with which you can travel up to 35% cheaper. 

  • Book in advance, this will not only enable you to reserve the often highly sought-after cheaper room categories, but also to receive attractive early bird bonuses. Early bookers usually start 90 days before arrival or 60 days before arrival. In addition to reductions of up to 25%, early bookers can sometimes also receive extra services, which are only available for a surcharge with later bookings.

  •  Book in low season. The southern fango destinations are already beautiful in spring and stay warm well into autumn. If you can, then book outside of season. If you are tied to the summer holidays, then book well in advance and secure the best price.

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