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Salt has been known for many centuries as a natural remedy for body, mind and soul. Above all, it can help to breathe better again, which is why it is an excellent form of therapy for respiratory diseases such as asthma or bronchitis and can also help with allergies. On this page you can find out all about the different salt treatments and our most fantastic offers.

More health through salt therapy

The fact that salt has special healing properties and is suitable, among other things, for preventing infections and drying out wounds has probably been known since ancient times. Even the ancient Egyptians and Hippocrates already knew about the positive effects. In the technical language the treatment with dry salt is also called "halotherapy", which is derived from the Greek word 'halo' for salt. While this form of therapy is still relatively new in the USA, it is said to have been used by monks in Europe several centuries ago. After staying in natural salt chambers, they are said to have noticed that respiratory diseases were relieved. Written awards from the 12th century are also said to prove that there were already health resorts with saltwater mineral baths in Poland at that time.

It was also a Polish doctor, Dr. Felix Bochkowsky, who in the 1840s is said to have noticed that salt miners, unlike metal and coal miners, did not suffer from serious respiratory diseases and tended to be among the healthiest people.

Forms of therapy with salt and their effects

In any form of treatment with salt, the basic idea is of course that contact with salt improves health. The "white gold" contains valuable minerals and microelements - especially magnesium, calcium, potassium, iodine, bromine, sodium and iron - and has properties that are extremely positive for the body: it promotes blood circulation, is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, dissolves mucus, eliminates pathogens such as air pollen and helps against hypersensitivity of the immune system.

There are two main categories of salt therapy: Treatments with humid/wet salt and those with dry salt. The former include gargle mixtures, salt peelings, salt/brine baths and rinses. The dry salt cure, also called "halotherapy", is often carried out in so-called salt caves or salt grottoes, where the salty air is inhaled. The environment for the therapy is usually created by humans. Nevertheless, the caves offer a microclimate that is very similar to that of a natural salt cave or sea climate. Other examples of treatment with dry salt are salt inhalers and salt lamps.

Treatments with humid/wet salt help to restore moisture to the skin and improve rough spots and redness. Especially salt baths and stays in salt chambers also have relaxing and stress-reducing effects. The high humidity in the chambers helps the salt to be more easily absorbed by the body through inhalation. 45 minutes in the grotto are equivalent to a whole day at the sea!

Salt baths

Salt baths

Salt baths provide relief from skin diseases and help against stress and exhaustion. If you are interested in healing through baths, balneotherapy may also be of interest to you.Salt baths provide relief from skin diseases and help against stress and exhaustion. If you are interested in healing through baths, balneotherapy may also be of interest to you.

Salt packs

salt packs

Skin peelings remove old skin and stimulate the removal of metabolic waste products in addition to promoting circulation. Not suitable for facial skin as it is too sensitive.

Salt grotto

salt grotto

Regular visit to a salt grotto can bring relief from respiratory diseases, elimination of harmful pathogens and regeneration and relaxation of the whole body.

Salt rinses and inhalations

salt inhalations

Salt inhalations and nasal rinses free the respiratory tract in cases of rhinitis or pollen allergies.

Schüssler salts

Schüssler salts

Schüssler salts are mineral salts for health. Depending on the type, they help with joint problems, inflammations of all kinds, digestive or connective tissue problems and much more.

Drinking therapies with salt

Drinking therapies with salt

When used correctly, the brine drinking therapy can have a harmonising and detoxifying effect and strengthen the immune system.

Indications for salt treatments

One of the biggest health benefits of treatment with salt is the improvement in breathing. Thus, this therapy is particularly suitable for diseases of the respiratory tract such as asthma, bronchitis or rhinitis. However, halotherapy can also provide relief for many other diseases, such as

  • Inflammation of the throat, sinuses, sinuses and ears
  • Skin inflammations and diseases such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis, acne, eczema and rosacea
  • Hay fever and other allergies
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Fungal diseases
  • Weakness of the immune system
  • Sleep disorders, fatigue and stress

Contraindications for halotherapy

Of course, the suitability for treatment must ultimately be determined by the spa physician, but it can be said that the following conditions usually indicate that the use of halotherapy is not suitable: fever, infectious diseases, open wounds, cancer, severe hypertension, mental disorders, active tuberculosis.






Salt therapy - But where?

Before you ask yourself about the right place for your halotherapy stay, first ask yourself about the purpose of the salt treatment. If you are longing for more well-being or "relaxed breathing" far away from the big city, a short stay in a hotel with a salt grotto or a spa with saline could be the right option for you. You will find many great offers in Germany, Poland, Hungary or the Czech Republic. If you want to feel the energy of the sea and you are primarily interested in treatment with salt water, i.e. brine or seawater, then we recommend that you take a closer look at our thalassotherapy offers - and if you want to treat a more serious skin or breathing problem and hope for long-term results, a trip to the Dead Sea will bring the best results.



Lake Constance
Lake Constance
Mummelsee, Black Forest
Mummelsee, Black Forest

Halotherapy in Germany

Sometimes the sea is too far away for a short holiday or there is simply not enough time to spend two weeks at the sea. Moreover, the German sea, with its relatively low salt content, cannot keep up with regions like the Dead Sea. Nevertheless, an effective and relaxing salt therapy in Germany is very well possible! Especially if you don't want to travel far and only have a few days, salt caves and grottos are a wonderful alternative to the traditional salt therapy at the sea. A stay of only 45 minutes in a salt cave can be compared to the effect of a whole day at the sea.

In Radolfzell on the shores of Lake Constance you can marvel at the fantastic nature surrounding the third largest inland lake in Europe. Numerous hiking and cycling paths make your stopover complete. In Waldachtal-Salzstetten, in the Black Forest, the name says it all. Discover the evergreen forests of the Black Forest, take a deep breath in the hotel's own salt grotto and recharge your energy reserves. Inhaling salt and the minerals and trace elements associated with it, such as calcium, magnesium and iodine, alleviates chronic infections of the respiratory tract and strengthens the immune system. The salt caves are also a wonderful oasis of strength for the soul. Can it be a little further north? In Bad Bevensen, in the Lüneburger Heath, you will reside surrounded by a spacious garden, only a few metres away from an iodine-brine thermal spring which invites you to enjoy a healthy bath.

If you are interested in the Dead Sea climate, you will find it in Bad Salzschlirf in the Rhön. The spa hotel TOMESA is famous for recreating the climate of the Dead Sea. Mainly neurodermatitis or psoriasis are treated here.

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Halotherapy in Eastern Europe

We can warmly recommend Eastern Europe for salt treatments. Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland are real experts in the field of halotherapy. This fact is quite surprising, especially for the Czech Republic and Hungary, isn't it? These two countries do not even have access to the sea. However, the thermal water of Bad Sárvár in Hungary, with its high salt content, is a great alternative to the sea and makes it a popular destination for health-conscious holidaymakers. In addition, many hotels in this region also have their own salt grotto, which promises a unique wellness experience with a combination of salt and warmth.

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The spa hotels in Poland also have a great offer if you're looking for treatments with salt. A variety of treatments based on iodine, salt water and salt products, inhalations and massages, body peelings and more, make your stay unique. Especially around Kolberg you are in good hands. To the west of Kolberg lies the so-called salt island. Where the town's graduation works and salines used to be, you will now find a brine spring whose water is used for a wide variety of treatments from brine baths to drinking therapies - and, by the way, also for pickling gherkins. The fresh air and peaceful atmosphere of the Polish Baltic Sea contribute to perfect relaxation.

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The Czech Republic
Karlovy Vary,the Czech Republic
Kolberg, Poland
Kolberg, Poland



Thalassotherapy in the Mediterranean

If you are primarily interested in treatment with salt water, i.e. brine or seawater, then we recommend that you take a closer look at our thalassotherapy offers. Thalassotherapy treatments are based on the use of all the healing ingredients from the sea. This therapy includes sea salt baths, inhalations with salt water, algae and mud packs and many other treatments - plus lots of fresh sea air and sun.

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Salt therapy at the Dead Sea

When one speaks of therapies with salt and salt water, one cannot help but consider the Dead Sea. The natural salt content of the Dead Sea is about 30%, which corresponds to a salt concentration that is 10 times higher than in the Mediterranean. The high salt content even changes the density of the water, which is why you can lie on your back and read the newspaper while relaxing in the Dead Sea. As a huge salt bath, the Dead Sea is the perfect destination for those who need a healthy holiday in a healing microclimate consisting of salt water, dry desert air and gentle sunlight. As a rule, this therapy form is recommended for people with skin diseases, severe asthma and respiratory diseases as well as rheumatic diseases (also in combination with healing mud). You can find more information on this topic on our Dead Sea Holiday page.



Mujer flotando en el Mar Muerto

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FAQ - Halotherapy

What problems does halotherapy treat?

  1. Inflammations of the throat, sinuses, sinuses and ears
  2. Skin inflammations and skin diseases such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis, acne, eczema and rosacea
  3. Overreactions of the immune system
  4. Hay fever and other allergies
  5. Rheumatic diseases
  6. Sleep disorders, fatigue and stress

Why should I undergo salt therapy??

  • ...is a natural remedy.
  • ...clears the airways.
  • ...is good for the skin.
  • ...strengthens the immune system.
  • relaxes body and soul.

How long should my halotherapy holiday be?

That depends entirely on your state of health and the results you wish for. If you simply want to relax in a salt cave - or take a few deep, calm breaths of sea air, a few days are enough. However, if you want to treat serious problems such as asthma, you should talk to your doctor beforehand and follow his advice. You can also contact our travel experts and we will advise you personally.

Can children take part in salt therapy holidays?

Yes, salt therapy is a completely natural therapy and therefore also suitable for children. In addition, many of our hotels also offer programmes and activities for children, so that mum and dad can relax completely carefree during their holiday.

What does a halotherapy stay cost?

Seven nights in a hotel, including salt treatments such as inhalations and a stay in a salt cave, are already available in Poland for less than € 200. However, most offers for a week are around € 500-700 and usually include half board. Contact us and together we will find the best value for money for your personal needs.

How and where can I make a reservation?

We recommend that you book your trip in advance - experience shows that there are more Early Bird than last minute offers, which is because hotels like to start planning early. This is to ensure that enough trained staff, therapists and doctors are available for the treatments and wellness programmes. Book your health holiday well in advance, preferably at least 3 months in advance.

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