Health Spa Hotels on the Polish Baltic Sea

Health Spa Hotels at Poland's Baltic Sea

Healing Holidays for Body and Soul


A stay at a health spa hotel on Poland's Baltic Sea is beneficial for everyone. Imagine the fresh sea breeze on your face while you listen to the soft sound of waves. At Poland's Baltic Sea coast, we have many beautiful health spa hotels and offers for you. With professional doctors and spa therapists, your health is in good hands - regardless of whether you only want to escape from your everyday life or improve a health condition.

Most Popular Types of Holiday at Poland's Baltic Sea

Baltic Sea Holidays: Enjoy the Baltic Sea in Poland with its endless white sandy beaches and breathtaking nature, delicious food, relaxing walks in the dunes - for an unbeatable price. The spa towns have much to offer, starting from mud therapies to the healing powers of the baltic sea climate.

Wellness Holidays: Are you looking for an unbeatable price performance health holiday? Experience a wide variety of wellness programmes in one of the spa resorts in Poland on the Baltic Sea. Some of the hotels also offer medical wellness. Recharge your body, mind and soul with vitalising wellness, aromatic massages and more.  

Healing Treatments: Solid healing treatments with various individual applications. Treatments are mainly done with imported natural remedies from all over Europe. Besides its beautiful scenery and sandy beaches, the coastal climate is ideal for healing and relaxation.

Diet Holidays: Holidays by the sea and a little detox and slimming. Perfect to not only recover from your everyday life, but also to feel comfortable in your own skin again. Professional medicals will guide you through different detox and fasting diets and active health prevention.

Most Popular Spa Hotels at Poland's Baltic Sea

If you already know you want to book a spa hotel at Poland's Baltic Sea, please use this search bar to get all available offers and filter them to your personal preferences. This way, you can easily find and book the best health spa hotel for your needs.

Spa Resorts on Poland's Baltic Sea

Like a String of Pearls

Wellness centres line the coast of the Baltic Sea in Poland - like a string of pearls. If you take the city of Świnoujście as a prime example, you will find Poland's widest beach, 5 km long and 70m wide. Sand dunes separate the beach from the city and all its cafes, restaurants and other attractions. Ustronie Morskie is another example of a town that is part of the string of pearls along the Polish coast. Before 1945, this city was part of Germany, hence why it holds a lot of history. The third example of a city on the coast is the little known town of Kolobrzeg, which, in the 19th century, became famous for its nearby salt deposits. It was this which also led to an increase in settlement there. Hence why it is known today for it’s popular spa and holiday resort. Many tourists travel here to spend a holiday in one of our many wellness centres, either for a wellness weekend or a longer healing holiday.

Healing Treatments at the Baltic Sea in Poland

On the Polish Baltic Sea, guests can expect wellness treatments with clay and mineral water. Local professional doctors await you to help you improve your health condition and alleviate diseases you may be suffering from. Of course you can also visit one of our wellness centres even if you only need some relaxation and rewinding or some time for yourself.

Benefits of a Wellness Trip to Poland's East Coast

The spa resorts on Poland's east coast offer many different programmes – from intensive programmes full of healing therapies to a short relaxing spa trip to boost your energy.

Everyone should experience these wonderful, picturesque seaside locations at least once in their life. You can do a nice bike ride or a long hike. Feel the refreshing, healing effects of sea breezes in your face and body. Our health spa hotels on the Polish Baltic Sea offer you the best experience.

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Booking Your Holiday on Poland's Baltic Sea

Booking Tips: You can book a trip to the east coast of Poland almost anytime. The wellness centres on the Baltic Sea in Poland have various programmes all year round.

Some people believe that spring is the best time to travel. Days start quite early and the outdoor seating is open. Autumn on the Baltic Sea is also very pleasant, as it is very mild. Until October, you can take a lovely stroll through the picturesque nature and along the beaches. The high season is expected from about mid-April to mid-October, when it is the warmest.

You can easily book your trip through our website. Just select the hotel + programmes and dates you would like to travel and click on "Book now". If you need expert advice, simply contact our team via phone or mail. They are happy to help finding your perfect health holiday on the Polish Baltic Sea.

Arrival Tips: Plane, ferry, train or bus. There are multiple options to reach your destination. For example, there are many affordable flights to Gdansk and Szczecin. From the airport you can then either take the shuttle to the hotel, which can be arranged through SpaDreams and is the most convenient way. Taking one of the bus lines between Gdansk and Kolberg is an inexpensive alternative. Taxi and other options also work well from e.g. the bus stop in Kolobrzeg to the hotel.

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Ustronie morskie
Ustronie Morskie

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5 reasons why you should travel to a wellness hotel on the Baltic Sea in Poland

  1. Beneficial Climate
  2. Take Some Me-Time
  3. The Unbeatable Price
  4. Professional Medical Treatment
  5. Relax and Recover

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