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Thermal baths in Tuscany

Relaxation in the most beautiful thermal spas in Tuscany

Thermal baths and thermal hotels in Tuscany

Tuscany, in the heart of Italy, is a true paradise for relaxation. Surrounded by a picturesque hilly landscape and enchanting sandy beaches on the west coast, you will certainly find your inner balance here. Explore idyllic vineyards and olive plantations, discover the secrets of medieval towns and enjoy the Mediterranean flair with a spicy fish soup and a glass of Chianti.

And the popular vacation region has even more to offer: Because Tuscany is home to most of Italy's thermal springs, it is therefore wonderfully suited for a thermal spa vacation. In addition to inviting thermal spa facilities and spa hotels, there are also natural rock pools where you can relax and dive into the water.

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What makes thermal bath vacation in Tuscany so special?

The volcanic origin of the region lets hot water bubble out of the earth in many places in Tuscany even today. The hot thermal springs with valuable minerals can be found both in the north at the edge of the Apuan Alps and in the south at the foot of the ancient volcano Monte Amiata.

Swimming in the warm pools in the middle of nature is a fascinating experience! For more relaxing hours, we recommend a visit to the artificial thermal baths with outdoor pools. There are many reasons for a thermal bath vacation in Tuscany. One of them is the healing effect of the bubbling spring water.

Thermal water from Tuscany

Already the Etruscans and Romans appreciated the positive effects of a thermal bath therapy in Tuscany. A well-known characteristic for thermal water is its temperature: thermal water is at least 20 degrees warm when it leaves the spring. Feel the pleasant warmth with a soothing bath in impressing hot springs or enchanting natural sources.

Depending on the waters and region, the proportion of natural minerals and ingredients varies. The spring water of Tuscany, for example, is known for its high fluorine, magnesium and sulphur content. The valuable minerals and ingredients are absorbed through the skin when bathing in the thermal pools.

What does the thermal water from Tuscany help with?

The thermal springs of Tuscany are used for different purposes. For example, to alleviate ailments such as rheumatism, metabolic disorders, gout and gastritis, but they are also used to treat inflammation, skin problems and psoriasis.

A bath in the bubbling healing water has been proven to lower your stress level and can even help prevent burnout. It also strengthens the immune system and stimulates the blood circulation. While many thermal spa fans especially appreciate the therapeutic properties of the warm spring water, it is also ideal for beauty treatments.


  • Diabetes
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Allergies and skin diseases
  • Rheumatism and joint problems
  • states of exhaustion
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Rheumatism and joint diseases
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Psychosomatic diseases
Thermalwasser aus der Toskana

Excellent thermal spa hotels and sauna facilities

Embedded in the picturesque landscape of Tuscany, our thermal hotels and wellness resorts welcome you with a rich spa offer. The hotels are carefully selected to offer you a wonderful vacation amidst vineyards and flowering fields. In our wellness hotels we attach great importance to good service, cleanliness and a stylish design of the rooms.

Although the wellness areas are as varied as the hotels themselves, they often have a swimming pool, sauna, and massage facilities. Thermal baths are close by and some hotels even offer a free shuttle service. You can end your wellness day with a glass of wine in your comfortable room or with a refreshment in the restaurant of your thermal hotel.


Other amenities you will find in some of our wellness hotels are

Familie in der Therme mit Blick auf die Berge
  • Steam baths and saunas
  • Indoor and outdoor thermal pool
  • Heat cabins
  • Hotel shuttle to the nearest thermal spa
  • Leisure activities in the vicinity
  • Entertainment program
  • Guest card with discounts for the region
  • Transfer between hotel and train station


Our top thermal hotels in Tuscany at a glance

The best spas in Tuscany

Cascate del Mulino

Between Rome and Florence lies a magical place: the sulphur thermal baths of Saturnia with their turquoise blue water and the rising steam in front of the old mill are not only a real eye-catcher, but are also wonderfully suited for a relaxing bath. The 37-degree warm spring, which is of volcanic origin, flows like a waterfall over several steps and has formed pools of different sizes over the years. Bathing in the natural thermal spring promises healing effects on joints, skin and muscles and is free of charge.

Therme in Saturnia

Grotta Giusti Spa

You can also spend a relaxing vacation at the Grotta Giusti Spa, a thermal hotel just outside Montecatini. You can visit the splendid villa with thermal baths and wellness department during the day or, if you like, you can stay overnight. The heart of the thermal spa is a millenary thermal grotto, 200 meters long, with an underground lake that runs under the resort. The warm steams in the fascinating cave have a beneficial effect on body and soul.

Thermal-Grotte mit unterirdischem See

Terme di Montepulciano

When you visit the thermal baths of Montepulciano, your health comes first. The sulphur, salt, bromine and iodine contained in the spring water are used specifically for respiratory and skin diseases. The modern therapy centre is equipped with Scottish showers and a large swimming pool. In addition, you can relax during various spa and wellness treatments, such as in the saline pool. You will find the thermal bath in the small village of Sant' Albino on the edge of the Val d'Orcia.

Senioren Paar entspannt in der Therme

The 6 most beautiful places for your thermal vacation in Tuscany

Bagno di Romagna

In Bagno di Romagna können Sie wunderbar wandern und radfahren.

The Italian town of Bagno di Romagna, located in the hills of Emilia, is best known for its warm baths, both natural and artificial. You can find relaxation, for example, at the Roseo Euro Terme Wellness Resort, which offers various thermal pools, saunas, steam baths and much more in an area of 350 square meters. If you want to be active during your Tuscany vacation, 152 hiking trails and 83 cycling routes invite you to explore the area.


Die Therme in Saturnia ist ein Besucher-Magnet.

On a hill near Grosseto, surrounded by untouched landscapes, lies the village of Saturnia. According to the legend it was founded by the god Saturn. At its feet are the wonderful thermal springs Cascate del Mulino, where you can take a hot bath and do something good for your health. The village itself is still characterised by the work of the ancient Romans, who discovered the healing effects of the thermal water early on.

Montecatini Terme

Montecatini ist ein beliebter Kurort.

Montecatini Terme is a well-known thermal resort that combines the richness of spring water with an excellent location. Located between the cities of Florence and Pisa, the spa enchants with its own charm. Visit the beautiful city centre, go shopping in the stylish little boutiques or linger in the green spa park. A visit to the thermal baths is also a must. Montecatini Terme is home to a total of nine thermal baths, the first of which was built in the 15th century.

Casciana Terme

Die kleinen Gassen von Casciana Terme sind sehr beliebt.

Are you dreaming of a neat little spa town in the heart of Tuscany, rich in nature, history, culture and good food? You can experience all this on a trip to Casciana Terme near Pisa. The wide offer of the town is completed by baths and therapies, which provide not only relaxation but also health. The 36-degree warm water stimulates the blood circulation and relieves respiratory diseases, allergies and rheumatism. And if you would like to bathe somewhere else, the Ligurian Sea is only about 40 kilometres away from Casciana Terme.

Bagno Vignoni

Bagno Vignoni ist Weltkulturerbe.

Nestled in one of the most beautiful landscapes of Tuscany, the province of Siena, lies the charming village of Bagno Vignoni, which belongs to the municipality of San Quiricio d'Orcia. As a seaside resort it is part of the Unesco World Heritage. The centre of the municipality of San Quirico d'Orcia is the historic thermal basin of Bagno Vignoni, which unfortunately is no longer allowed to be used for bathing. Around the basin, however, you will find numerous cafés and restaurants of Bagno Vignoni, where you can spend pleasant hours.

San Casciano dei Bagni

Unberührte Landschaften prägen San Casciano dei Bagni

Also located in the province of Siena is the small town of San Casciano die Bagni, which is a popular destination for vacationers in Tuscany thanks to its unspoiled natural landscapes and dense forests. The village has 40 hot springs that bring several million litters of medicinal water to the surface every day. In addition to its sparkling waters, San Casciano di Bagni is home to other highlights: for example, the church in the historic town centre dating from the 13th century and the castle Castell di Fighine.

3 reasons for a journey to Tuscany

Tuscany attracts numerous visitors every year. In addition to a delicious regional cuisine and a multitude of cultural treasures, Tuscany offers beautiful landscapes that have inspired famous poets and thinkers. There are many good reasons why you should spend your next vacation in Tuscany. Here are three:

The Tuscan cuisine

Fleischgerichte sind in der Toskana sehr beliebt.

The popular Tuscan cuisine has its origins in the peasant tradition. Almost exclusively seasonal, fresh ingredients from the region are used on the table. In the coastal areas there is a lot of fish, but even more typical for the region are meat dishes, especially wild boar in all variations. Don't forget to try grilled bisteccas of Chianina beef, and you'll also get a taste of the cacciucco, a delicious fish stew. Of course, crispy pizza is a must. Olive oil and wine are constant companions in the Tuscan restaurants between Pisa, Siena and Florence, which are cultivated here with great dedication.

The landscapes

Die Landschaften in der Toskana sind wild und ursprünglich.

The landscapes in Tuscany are unique, wild, and pristine. There’s a reason that the region is often called the sunny garden of Italy: With its olive trees, cypresses and fruit orchards that wind their way along hilly, expansive landscapes, and the historic villages and towns, the region looks like a painted picture. Tuscany has some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, where holidaymakers from many nations gather in the summer. A highlight are of course the numerous natural thermal springs, which promise relaxing bathing moments in the middle of nature all year round.

The culture

Vor allem kulturell hat die Toskana eine Menge zu bieten.

During the Renaissance, Tuscany was one of the spiritual centres of Europe. The artists were not only painters, sculptors, writers, architects or scholars - often they were all in one. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Galileo Galilei also lived here and were inspired by the beauty of the region. Even today, Tuscany is still home to numerous valuable paintings, sculptures, and architectural masterpieces. The calendar of events is also full all year round, be it the horse races in Siena, the celebrated return of the historic steam train Treno Natura to the Val d'Orcia or the Lucca Summer Festival.

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FAQ: Everything about thermal bath vacations in Tuscany

What is the best time for my thermal bath vacation in Tuscany?

Tuscany is popular with holidaymakers not least because of its Mediterranean climate: hot summers, mild winters. The best travel time for your thermal vacation in Tuscany is therefore between May and October. Many thermal resorts are very busy in autumn, because many people want to strengthen their immune system for the winter by taking a bath in the hot springs.

How long should the stay in a thermal hotel in Tuscany be?

Since the region is located in the heart of Italy, you must be prepared for a longer journey. We therefore recommend that you book your hotel with spa for at least one week, better two weeks. This will give you enough time to recover from the stresses and strains of the journey and to recharge your batteries. It is also worthwhile to visit not only one, but several thermal baths in the vicinity during your vacation.

Which are the TOP thermal baths in Tuscany?

The most popular hot springs in Tuscany are:

  • Cascate del Mulino
  • THERME Bad Wörishofen
  • Grotta Giusti Spa
  • Terme di Montepulciano
  • Terme di Petriolo
  • Terme in Bagno Vignoni
  • Terme di San Casciano
  • Montecatini Terme

What should I absolutely take with me for my trip to Tuscany?

In order to take advantage of all the wellness offers, you should definitely think about bathing clothes and towels. Even though many of our spa hotels provide bathrobes and towels, this is not always the case. For bathing in the natural springs of Tuscany you should not necessarily pack your latest bikini or swimming trunks, because the smell of the sulphurous springs is relatively strong, so that it sometimes does not come out even after repeated washing. To explore the beautiful Tuscany landscapes on foot, you should also pack comfortable clothing, sturdy shoes, a backpack, mosquito repellent and sunscreen with a higher sun protection factor.

Can I take my children with me on a thermal bath vacation in Tuscany?

Yes, although there are age restrictions for certain treatments and wellness areas, many thermal spas offer their young visitors a variety of pools in which children can romp about. A good example of this is the Terme di Sorano. And also outside of the thermal baths, Tuscany offers a lot of variety for families: Visit, for example, the coastal section of Versilia, - on this Bagni lure dreamy sandy beaches - lick an ice cream in front of the leaning tower of Pisa or take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the narrow streets of Florence.

Is it possible to travel barrier-free in Tuscany?

In many regions of Tuscany, people with limited mobility are taken care of. In the meantime, many sights and cultural assets can be visited with a wheelchair. Both the Etruscan Riviera and the Maremma coast have numerous sandy beaches and lidos that are easily accessible even with a wheelchair. You can recognise them by a blue sign with the inscription "Senza Barriere" or "Accesso per Disabili", on which a wheelchair is shown.

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