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In Montecatini Terme, a UNESCO World Heritage site
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A healing paradise in the heart of Tuscany.

Palazzo BelVedere is a modern spa hotel nestled in the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage spa town of Montecatini Terme, renowned for its healing thermal springs. Together with the adjacent Tettuccioa Spa, the hotel is the perfect retreat for those seeking relaxation and the therapeutic benefits of thermal water.

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Palazzo BelVedere in Detail

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At Palazzo Belvedere, the focus is on well-being, aiming to achieve a balance between mind and body, which is crucial for personal wellness. The spa treatments are tailored to your individual needs. Before your arrival, you will complete a comprehensive questionnaire, followed by a personal consultation with one of our doctors to determine your unique constitutional type: earth, water, air, or fire. These 4 elements have a profound impact on the balance and health of our organism and are the origin of our universe. Based on this analysis, you will receive customised spa treatments specifically tailored to your needs and constitutional type, to restore balance to the four elements and enhance energy, strength, serenity, and power. This way, you will enjoy a truly unique and personalised experience. The combination of traditional European medicine, holistic naturopathy, and the healing power of thermal water provides a comprehensive, regenerative experience.

Location & Surroundings

The hotel is ideally located next to the thermal gardens in the verdant heart of Montecatini Terme, a picturesque Art Nouveau spa town. Surrounded by renowned art cities such as Florence, Pisa, and Lucca, Montecatini Terme was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2021. The town impresses with the ancient Tettuccio Spa and stunning Art Nouveau and neo-Gothic buildings, making it a prestigious destination.

In Montecatini Terme, there are not only cultural offerings for art lovers but also numerous opportunities for those seeking relaxation. The hotel serves as an ideal base to explore the thermal baths, surrounded by a sprawling park. The town not only attracts with its culture but also with diverse hiking and cycling paths, including the exploration of Montecatini Alto hill via cable car, offering breathtaking views of the city.

The picturesque Piazza Giuseppe Giusti invites you to spend relaxed afternoons in local cafes, while in the evening, you can enjoy the vibrant nightlife in quaint pubs and bars with live music. Montecatini Terme offers a rich array of experiences for both culture and nature enthusiasts. By car, Florence (about 33 miles) and Pisa (about 34 miles) are easily accessible.

Montecatini Terme remains not only a cultural and natural treasure but also continues to serve as a centre for balneological treatments. Alongside a long tradition of hydrotherapy, the thermal baths offer a variety of wellness options, including massages, physiotherapy, mud baths, ozonized baths, beauty treatments, and inhalations.

Dining & Leisure

In the exquisite gourmet restaurant NO|MORE, you will be indulged by Chef Daniele Ciofi with carefully crafted menus. These are not only based on the principles of Mediterranean diet but are also a true delight for both body and mind.

Breakfast leaves no desire unmet. Whether croissants, freshly baked sourdough bread, homemade cakes, fruits and vegetables, a variety of local cheeses - there is something for every taste here.

At the MOU|BAR, not only will you find the great classics among cocktails but also seasonal botanical creations.

At LA DISPENSA, you can find a snack at any time of day or night. Fresh fruit, cakes, bread, jam, herbal teas, yogurt, and much more - browse the fridge at any hour. This place was created so you can feel at home, even when you're far from your own four walls.

Wellness & Spa

In the 2,000 sqm wellness area, you will find experiences that engage the senses and restore spiritual energy: The relaxation rituals at the hotel's wellness centre are inspired by the philosophy of Hippocratic teachings. According to these teachings, balance between the four elements of water, air, fire, and earth should be restored. The thermal tradition of Montecatini Terme and the precious power of thermal water combine with the many benefits of a health-promoting lifestyle, which is encouraged and supported during your stay at Palazzo BelVedere. The hotel's circular garden invites you to relax.

The wellness area of the hotel consists of 6 cabins for basic treatments and massages, a hair salon, a beauty area, a Turkish bath, sauna, sensorial showers, Kneipp facility, ice waterfall, whirlpool, relaxation area, and an indoor and outdoor pool.

The Vitaliter programmes Levis, Medium, Magnum at BelVedere are available all year round and are led by experienced practitioners. They aim to promote a harmonious balance between body and mind, which is crucial for our personal well-being. The wellness philosophy of the hotel is based on the teaching of the four elements – earth, air, water, and fire – which can often become unbalanced. They aim to support life force and restore balance and well-being.

Massages, treatments, rituals, diet, exercise, thermal baths, breathing exercises, the art of thinking, conscious meditation, art therapy, singing, dancing, relationship therapies are some of the elements used in customised, holistic courses at BelVedere to address various aspects (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) and consider their interaction. Each course is designed according to the principle "the right thing for you, in the right amount," with the quality and quantity of treatments carefully adjusted. BelVedere offers the Vitaliter programme in varying durations and intensities:

"Levis": With the "Levis" intensity, you can indulge in a light and relaxed manner.

"Medium": By choosing the "Medium" intensity, you have the opportunity to boost your self-esteem and activate your inner resources.

"Magnum": Choosing the "Magnum" intensity allows for an intensive exploration filled with treatments and activities that promote a comprehensive physical, mental, and emotional transformation.

The diet in the Vitaliter Programme aims to balance the 4 elements of water, air, earth, and fire. The menu is accordingly divided into these four elements. The Four Elements cuisine is based on the concept that certain foods are better or worse for individuals depending on their temperament. For example, fiery natures should avoid spicy spices as they could further fuel their explosive nature. By applying this dietary philosophy, imbalances are recognised and harmonised, which is particularly important in prevention. Each person can strengthen their constitution through targeted food choices, similar to traditional healing methods of other cultures. This teaching has its origins far back to the ancient Greeks, particularly Hippocrates, who adopted the Four Elements doctrine from ancient Egypt.

In addition to the year-round available Vitaliter Programme, the hotel offers an exclusive Vitaliter Season several times a year. The Vitaliter Season aims to restore harmony between body and mind. Enjoy an extended range of activities and treatments designed to promote your well-being and enhance your health. Immerse yourself in an even more intense wellness experience, tailored to your needs and offering numerous opportunities to revitalise and strengthen your body and mind. During this 21-day event, you can decide the duration of your stay (available from 3 nights). The next Vitaliter Season takes place from 23 June to 13 July.

To best prepare for your stay and ensure that your individual needs can be accommodated, the hotel will send you a health questionnaire prior to your arrival.

Health & Treatments

The hotel offers a combination of traditional European medicine, holistic naturopathy and the healing power of thermal water, which provide a comprehensive, regenerative experience. 

Fitness & Courses

Fitness room, "3P Wellness Boutique" with sports and fitness programmes, including Pilates and Yoga in the Circular Garden or in the Portico Bianco.

Pool Area

2 pools: Outdoor pool, indoor pool (heatable)

Free Time

In addition to visiting the hotel's own wellness area or taking a stroll through the Thermal Park, it's worth hiking or cycling to explore the area. Bicycle rental and guided tours (Italian/English) are available on request and at an additional cost.


  • Golf Club Montecatini Terme (approx. 11 km)
  • Tennis Club "La Torretta" (approx. 500 m)
  • Florence (approx. 53 km)
  • Pisa (approx. 55 km)

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Palazzo BelVedere
Italy, Tuscany, Montecatini Terme
Florenz Peretola Airport (FLR)
approx. 42 km / 33 min
Pisa International Airport (PSA)
approx. 62 km / 42 min

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